Regional Webcast: Week 1

Webcast for Nasa/VCU and Peachtree have been posted

is anybody having a misfeed between the video and audio? My video and audio are off by 47 seconds. But its sorta funny listening to cleanup directions while the robots go and try to cap.

We are back on and synced for VCU

mine was kinda liek that lol i have cable modem so the internet on my computer runs slow and is bad so while im watchin the VCU webcast its very blurry and not clear and its always like delayed. lol

Umm, I’m not sure who your cable provider is, but I routinely get 3Mbps on Comcast. I think the problem is with the Real player which seems happy to slow down at the least traffic congestion on the 'net, but never speeds up again. I restart the viewer at the beginning of each match and can sometimes go the entire two minutes without dropping to 20Kbps.

I wonder if they stopped broadcasting audio if the video feed would be smoother? I know most web video/audio feeds favor audio over video.

Anyway, something is better than nothing! :slight_smile:

The VCU webcast was in sinc for a few matches, but now my video is 20 seconds behind again…

wow and they just started playing a techno version of the sesame street theme song… hahaha!

well mine is back in sync. For a minute i achieved a 50kbps connection, but mine is consistantly hovering at 20kbps.

can anyone still view it? i’m getting an error with real player 10.5, which says something about “resource not found”, the “real” website says that it may be because the broadcast has ended.

if it ended, does anyone have an archived copy?


this thread might be what you’re looking for.

yup! thanks alot, already downloaded 1-25, and it’s really helpful!