Regional Webcast

I need to know… What regionals will be webcast this year?

I’m setting a booth up about FIRST for K-State Open House April 2-3. This is the same weekend my team compete at the Lone Star Regional and I would like to set-up a computer with the Lone Star Regional Webcast playing.

Does anyone know what the plan for webcast this year are? Will it be through NASA like last year and will Lone Star make the cut?

If you know anything please reply.

Thank you,

Well through my reasonably good connections, I think I can get an answer for you on Monday or so, but definitely by Friday. This is provided another LSR official that already knows the answer doesn’t drop in and pre-empt me.

hehe… this has almost nothing to do w/ the NASA webcast… but im on a local webcasting crew (as well as the robotics team)… and they (we) may webcast the VCU richmond one… so…yea… its at if ya wanna check back!

Breaking News! It appears that the LSR Webcast is now on. I’m uncertain where the link will be. I’m assuming it will be on the NASA website with all the other webcasts.

THanks, I’ll be looking forward to seeing it. You have done a good job with helping get the word on regional webcast moving. Good luck with team 57 robot this year. It looks good. I should have a picture of 1108’s soon.

I found this ,which will webcast VCU Regional Competition (March 4-6). If anyone want to see it.

will they televise the pittsburgh regional?

That link doesn’t seem to work for me anymore. It worked earlier, though.


And just like that, fortunes change. It appears the LSR webcast is no longer happening. Sorry for getting peoples hopes up. I think I’ll wait a day for my information to solidify next time.
It appears that the funding for the ISDN line is non-existent. It’s not in the LSR budget, and currently not available elsewhere. If someone can quickly drum up a sponsor for $1000-$1500 in the Houston or Texas area, I suppose it could still go on, though.

Why not just ask all the teams attending to chip in $10-15? Im sure they’d be more than willing to help, as it will only help expose them to people outside of FIRST, or across the country.


I asked FIRST about webcasts and broadcasts. Right now, only the VCU and PacNorWest regionals will be webcast. There will be no NASA TV broadcast of the regionals. I have no information on what the links to the two webcasts are.

Hopefully, we can find out before Friday.

VCU’s webcast link is above you on this thread.

I’ll see what I can do as far as looking up businesses in the Houston area. I can’t really do too much else. I was looking at LSR sponsor list and it seems much smaller than last years. I like corey’s idea in general but I don’t know how well it would work out. With 45 teams, each would have to pay 35 dollars to cover 1500. It’s not a lot but could be too much. I know my team would be willing to put 35 dollars in but a can’t speak for anyone else. It would probably be better to get a sponsor. Thanks Kevin for all the work you’ve been doing but if it doesn’t work out it is not a huge deal.

No prob. If anyone comes up with a sponsor or anything, get me the information as quick as possible, and I’ll pass it on and make sure the ball doesn’t get dropped.

Anybody know where the Pacific NW Regional is being webcast? Link maybe?

The link still works for me, I don’t know about anyone else.

Hi All! I love the lively chatter about a webcast at the Lone Star Regional. The LSR committee always strives to make the impossible happen. We are vigourously working to make a webcast happen. Be patient and give us a week or so to see if we can pull the funding and other pieces together. We will let you know as soon as possible.