Regional Webcasts : Week 3

, Will they have a Chesapeake webcast, because on the NASA website it says, stay tuned, and im tired of staying tuned… somebody tell me the truth.

Apparently there isn’t going to be one this year.

for more detials read the whole thread located here

so no one who isnt there will be able to watch? :frowning:

I was captain and driver for 1051 for 2 years and I was looking forward to see the telecast but I guess I can’t now… :frowning:

I can’t check to see how my former team is doing and it disapoints me… :frowning:

…I wanna cry…

Are there any webcasts this weekend? :eek:
There should be at least one each weekend.

NASA Says Silocon Valley, and Boilermaker, but they are not up yet. and they said chesapeke is a possibility. FOR WEBcasts

Anybody know if Wildstang will be hosting the Midwest regional webcast this weekend like they did last year? Im really anxious to see 111 and 71 :smiley:
It would be nice to see them in action b4 the championship… but hopefully the webcasts will work soon.

Me too… I’m anxiously waiting for any webcast to go on-line.

Yeah they are, or so it says, im still waiting for the link though heres the site:

lets hope for boilermaker

Boilermaker is up!


Let me know if you have any problems…Thanks to NASA, Purdue Information Technology, and Miles Davis for helping me set this up!

Im getting a “network error” aka its trying to connect but cant…

same as i. i even turned of my firewall this time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not working for me either

It’s working for me right now, maybe there is some sort of connection limit?

EDIT: Click the link on this webpage.

I just tried the one Greg provided and it doesn’t work, but this one does.

NASA Has Both Silocon Valley and BoilerMaker up

The silicon valley regional one isn’t working either so i think it has something to do with the website…

Boilermaker is working for me, using the link via the Boilermaker web site posted 2 or 3 above this post.

You might be better off to copy and paste this into “Open URL” in Windows Media Player:



I can’t get silicon valley or Boilermaker feeds to play. :frowning:
Maybe my school’s network is going screwy again.