Regional webhugs?

Based on this thread from last year, regional webhugs are much desired. So, what I figure is, we may as well put time/place/whatever other info here.

The idea: CDers are a friendly bunch who like to meet each other in person. So, a few years ago, Brandon Martus and crew started the CD Webhug at Nationals/Championship. It’s grown. But, a lot of people can’t make it to Atlanta, but still would like to be there. Let’s give them the opportunity!

The lowdown: If you want to “organize” a get-together, say which event and where the hug would be in/around the venue. Time is important, though typically Thursday lunchtime is popular. I wouldn’t say you need to be real elaborate.

I’ll volunteer to take L.A. (unless Brandon thinks he can spare time;)). Location would either be at the bottom of the big ramp or outside. No raffle/other stuff, just a meet-and-greet.

Willing to prepair an Israeli CD (and FIRSTAid) webhug in the GM/Technion Israel regional in the 23rd or 24th of March (But I can’t promise there will be allot of people in the picture :slight_smile: )

I’ll take Lone Star as always and Bayou.

It might end up looking like just 4-5 people huging :smiley:

It might end up looking like just 4-5 people huging

I’m looking towards the 8-9. :slight_smile:

If somebody would like to help me I’ll try to get one started for FLR and Buckeye.

i agree L.A. would be a great place to start a regional webhug not every one can go to atlanta because of funding :frowning: