Regional Websites

I’m looking for good examples of websites supporting FRC Regional events.

Need to include: easy to navigate, information needed by the teams attending the event, information about other FIRST programs, outreach opportunities for teams, useful resources and kept up-to-date.

Any suggestions?

Additional question: who maintains the site?
is for the Oregon Regional. We have a dedicated webmaster that keeps track of that website
is for the Seattle Regional, they always do a great job of supporting their teams.

I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but hope you can get some ideas from these two. is the one-stop link for many of the robotics programs in the State of Hawaii including FRC and FLL.

Minnesota Regional -

Wisconsin Regional -

Some good ideas could be achieved from these also

Bayou Regional:

Unfortunately it isn’t always up to date and I’m not a big fan of the layout and color scheme but the information I am looking for is usually there somewhere. Prior to the regional I especially found the venue and parking page ( and the check-in procedures ( helpful since the venue was different this year from past years. It was nice knowing where everyone’s pit was before we ever even got there. The webcasts page ( was also nice because it was updated throughout the season so it was easy to send parents, co-workers, etc. who aren’t as into FIRST as some of us are to the easy to remember main page where they could easily find the link to the Bayou Regional in New Orleans to watch us live. The page with links to local stores ( is also pretty helpful.

The most eye-catching and functional regional site I’ve seen has to be NJ. I think its run by members of 1089?

The Philadelphia Regional Website is very simple, but I believe that it gets across all of the information necessary for teams, visitors, and media.

the Florida Regional page is at

Boilermaker Regional:

LVR…website being updated this summer:

San Diego Regional site… I am the webmaster for it, any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile: - currently being redesigned. Covers all FIRST programs in CT.

I’m lovin’ the center picture on that home page :wink: That’s our 07 captain.

The Dallas and the Lone Star regionals are covered under this web site:

To add to what Collin posted the BMR site is maintained by Greg McCoy a member of the BMR planning committee. has a dropdown in the upper right corner to jump to other regional websites.

The following two sites, although similiar in appearance were designed and implemented separately.

What is the number one goal ? Information for the ‘insiders’ ? Or information for the ‘inquisitive’.

Both of these sites have a “landing strip”. They are the fixed immobile boxes, for FLL, FTC, FRC. Newcomers to the site can quickly classify information and pick a box. For example if you have the “9 to 14 year old” interest you can click “read more” on FLL and drill down to state specific information for support, training, and events.

News articles fit below the “landing strip” and come and go.

The idea is to quickly jump start newcomers and get them a click away from starting a team. Folks that are ‘insiders’ can drill down the menus find what they need.