Regionals Animation Awards?

hi, i was wondering… do we have to submit our animation to the regionals we are attending separately? or does Autodesk automatically take care of that? cuz few years ago, mistake was made and our team did not make it to regionals rounding. Please someone answer this question.

Check the awards section of the manual for a more thorough description and the official forms you need to fill out, but basically you submit your animation to one of the “regions” that has the regional your team is attending. For example, if you were going to the Midwest Regional, then you’d submit your animation to be judged in the Midwest Region… if you’re going to multiple regionals, you can only submit it in one region.

Hope that helps…

“Your animation will be judged at each regional event your team attends.”

I was a little hazy about this part myself so I looked it up, and according to the documentation we have it judged everywhere we go. That quote is from, under the heading “Regional Judging.” I didn’t see information on how we submit our animations to a regional. Being that I’m the only one (Yes, dear God I’m all alone) I’m a bit streched thin for time, so if someone could give me an answer that’d be wonderful.


Also, is it acceptable if I do this with the animation?

5 Second slate
1 second black
30 second animation
1 second black

I want to know if that is an okay spot to put credits.

I’m pretty sure that you can add credits at the end. As far as submitting your animations, under section of the Awards pdf file, it says “All entries must be posted on Autodesk Streamline not later than 8:00 AM (PST) on February 23, 2004. Post entry to: Log In Information: User Name: (public) no password.” Hopefully that helps to answer your question.

I understand the general submission to autodesk, but are we expected somehow to also get our animations to our regional events? If so, how?

yes and no

first, autodesk will take care of having a tape at every regional that is in your ‘region’. In this region your animation will be judged at every regional. Last year we only attended West Michigan and Midwest, but won at Great Lakes. So you have ot chance of winning 5 or 6 times, and it is always a different group of judges. It is the same VHS tape that is shown in a private room and judged. However, some teams will find out that their animation looks terrible on TV. If this happens its always nice to have a back-up VHS or CD with you just in case. Also alot of teams that are on ChiefDelphi sometimes will come up to you and ask to see your animation. It happened about 6 times last year for us, and it also lets you show others how you created your product.

Basically, just leave everything to autodesk, but make sure that you’re covered in case something goes wrong.

Thanks, that was the answer I was looking for. If you’re coming up here to Detroit, Cleavland, or Ypsilanti we’ll probably see each other.