Regionals for Rookies

I wanted to give a shout out to those regionals that have the most rookies signed up so far. Since Rookies are the only way to grow this competition, they deserve a little bit of recognition!

Right now we have Las Vegas and VCU tied at the top with 6.

Peachtree and Finger Lakes follow with 5.

Toronto has 4.

There are quite a few regionals with 3 rookie team signed up.

Sadly there are also many regionals with no rookies signed up. Consider this a personal challenge.

I thinl what would help those regionals is if there were rookie teams in the area as traveling to your first FIRST competition can be a bit daunting.

Time to move Finger Lakes up Kate. We just helped another Rookie sign on & from what I hear we have another that is close. That would be 7, the most of any regional.
We aren’t just about rookies here in Rochester, we have powerhouse vets too. From what I understand there may be a race to get those last few spots when it opens up.

Las Vegas, VCU, Finger Lakes - 6

Peachtree, Toronto - 5

Pacific Northwest - 4

Granite State, Great Lakes, Long Island, Boilermaker, Detroit, Palmetto, West Michigan - 3

Las Vegas, VCU, Finger Lakes - 6

Peachtree, Toronto, Pacific Northwest - 5

Granite State, Great Lakes, Long Island, Boilermaker, Detroit, Palmetto, West Michigan - 3

The Isreali regional has jumped to the lead with 10 rookies.

Toronto now has 6 rookies

BAE SYSTEMS Granite State Regional – 6
Finger Lakes Regional- 9
NASA / VCU Regional – 8
Peachtree Regional – 14
Sacramento Regional – 3
Arizona Regional – 3
Florida Regional – 3
Great Lakes Regional – 6
Pittsburgh Regional – 1
St. Louis Regional – 4
UTC New England Regional – 3
Boilermaker Regional – 6
Chesapeake Regional – 11
Detroit Regional – 5
New Jersey Regional – 12
Pacific Northwest Regional – 8
SBPLI Long Island Regional – 7
Buckeye Regional – 4
Philadelphia Regional – 1
Silicon Valley Regional – 3
Waterloo Regional – 3
Greater Toronto Regional – 8
Las Vegas Regional – 12
Lone Star Regional – 5
Palmetto Regional – 7
Southern California Regional – 5
West Michigan Regional - 7

plus, of course, the 11 Isreali regional rookies.

Colorado Regional now has 11

1515 Walt Disney Imagineering & Beverly Hills High School Beverly Hills, CA USA
1552 Front Range Engineering/Seagate Technology/MicroMotion & Niwot High School Niwot, CO USA
1562 Nick’s Volvo Shop/Technetronic Solutions, Inc & Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning Denver, CO USA
1583 Ridge View Academy & Ridge View Acacemy Walkins, CO USA
1584 NASA - Nederland High School Nederland, CO USA
1619 Lockheed Martin/Seagate/NASA & Silver Creek High School Longmont, CO USA
1636 DeVry University & Arvada High School Arvada, CO USA
1637 Dakota Ridge High School Littleton, CO USA
1666 Kansas High School 1 Lawrence, KS USA
1667 Kansas High School 2 Lawrence, KS USA
1670 Kansas High School 3 & Kansas High School 3 Lawrence, KS USA

there were 14 rookies at the colorado regional