Regionals / Nationals Baby

Ok - so I know someone’s team REALLY wants to adopt me for nationals right? because after how AWESOME the VCU regional was - I really REALLY want to go to nationals- but I can’t go with my team - for various reasons.
So anyone up for the job? I’m cool… really I am…
And anyone who was at the VCU regionals - what did you think? Enjoy?

uhm…why dont’ you just go on your own? i’m going to LA regionals with my family (bc my team isn’t going). try convincing your parents that it’ll be fun for them :wink:

you guys can hang with us if you’re going to nationals… we’re team 86 and we’ve adopted a few members who are not in the club so hope you’ll make it!

We are going but Im not I cant afford it.

I think you guys should come with me. Well find a place for you guys in a suit case or something. J.K If you guys are able to make it on your own you have an invitation to hang out with us at L.A and at Natoinals just look for me with my team; team 60

See even when I go to comps. with my team I try to hang out with other teams to meet new people.