Regionals Not Archived

There are many teams that may have hosted regional webcasts and first off they need to be thanked over and over for there time and effort. Yet, it would be very nice if some were to be archived for teams to watch… I dont want this to sound to demanding, but some teams memebers would like see some video. Some regionals that come to mind…

Great Lakes Regional
Detroit Regional
Midwest Regional
Pittsburg Regional
Greater Toronto Regional

Midwest is on TBA (and soap, I think).

Myt fault i meant to say West Michigan REgional

You can see the GTR regional at It will not be on a publically available archive though because since Discovery holds the copyright on it, we can’t redistribute it.

yeah, i’m kinda wondering about the Seattle regional, Portland, Silicon Valley… idk seems like alot of regionals are missing and/or not up… and it’s less than a week before Champs!

I agree on the thanking for webcasts! Parents from our team did all the work to get Hawaii webcasted…Hours and hours of work! MAHALO MARSHALLS! As long as we’re putting requests in however, I’d love to see SVR up somewhere too. I don’t see it on the NASA archive even though they handled the webcast. Anybody know anything about it??

You need to look more closely… They’ve got pictures too!

I’ve done what I thought I should for WMR. If you really want to hear some of the worst audio ever for announcers, I can get the first 50 qualifying matchers together. The matches for Finals got corrupted, so I can’t do anything for those. I thought that everyone would be much better off waiting until Mike got to them, and no one has bothered to correct me on that assumption.

If anybody has any Bayou or Lone Star footage, it would be greatly appreciated!


I’m sorry to say it, but you do sound demanding… recording a regional and getting up on TBA and SOAP is a very labour intensive process. It takes someone setting up the recording equipment, checking the recording every so often to make sure things are working. Then once the footage has been recorded many times it has to be brought into the computer and then the parsing of the video takes at least 6 hours of work itself. Then it needs to be uploaded to the FTP servers, and on TBA’s end more work needs to be done to convert it again and organize it. So before you go complaining about some regionals not being recorded take a look here, and the TBA forum and see the hard work thats going on behind the scene to get all the video recorded and up for your viewing pleasure, and hey feel free to join in and help out! There is footage out there that still needs to be parsed and split up.

Sorry if I sound slightly annoyed, but you have to understand that getting all this video footage takes a lot of man hours which many people have worked on. We have improved greatly over last year in getting regional footage into a central hub, there are improvements that will be made for next year to make this all easier for people to do. Just to let you know webcasting and recording are usually done totally separately, these jobs usually need to be split up and thats possibly why some regionals had webcasts but not archives.

P.S. GTR will be up eventually, not until after Atlanta though

I hate to sound needy, especially after that post, but I’m looking for connecticut footage, too. I know it was being cast, though I don’t know if the feed was reliable.

We managed to post the elimination matches for the Portland Regional to TBA. For most of the qualifications, we got very minimal (if any) audio. I know 488 was also recording the regional there and I wouldn’t be surprised if they also recorded the Seattle Regional.

We also have the Hawaii Regional recorded, but there’s just a lot of time necessary to get them prepped and sent to TBA.

If you’re looking to have all of these videos before Championships on Thursday, you’re probably out of luck. For us, it’s just one student who is willing to spend the hours upon hours to get it all prepped. I’m sure it’s that way with most of the other regionals as well. Given some time, many of them will eventually get posted - just not on the ‘gotta have it now’ timeframe we’ve come to expect in this society.

We’ve got pretty much the entire Hawaii regionals archived in windows media format. Windows media player is not the preferred format for TBA. :frowning:

I haven’t had a chance to send the archives to the NASA folks to have it converted. I have time tomorrow morning to try to track down my NASA contacts and/or TBA to see about getting the archives up.

Any idea on the whereabouts of Chesapeake? It could not be webcasted and I don’t know if it was recorded. I really don’t care about audio as long as there’s video footage that I can put up on a website. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ll piggyback off of Jonathan’s Post… I uploaded the video for Davis last year to Soap, only to see it gone a month later. While recording the video was not a problem, PARSING it took me (an old techie) about 10 hours of work.

I would have done it again this year for Davis - but the computer I had setup for it crashed the day before and I just didn’t have time to fix it up.

I think it would be much more doable if there existed a way to just upload the entire video and one of you programming guru’s write a script to parse it. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Ok, now go ahead and tell me how impossible that is…

Also if you are complaining that there isn’t an archive for a webcast, then GET A RECORDER(also discussed in other threads) and record it yourself. I recorded SVR on my computer - it’s not as high quality as a direct link at the arena - but still good enough to use and learn from.

Preferred, maybe not, acceptable, absolutely. Check your PMs.

for future years, you guys just need a peice of TBA-compatible software which sits at one of the hubs at each regional. this application simply listens to the signals from mission control (or whoever starts/stops the matches) and uses that data to record and encode the movie. files are saved based on match data from mission control.

its kinda forward, and maybe a little complex logistic-wise, but if it could be done then the organization would be increased, and man-hours and waiting time would be decreased.

Not sure FIRST would like this any more than they liked Sundial…

This idea has been thought of before and discussed with FIRST. There is no simple way to trigger the recording unless you receive a direct signal from the field computer. This is not a simple task and requires software modifications on the field computer, as well as a good amount of scripting on the recording side. There are current attempts being made to get this working and hopefully there will be more details later on…

I don’t think the video capture side of it would be too difficult. Set up a Directshow video capture graph that spits the data to a file. As for the field communication part, that might be more difficult. Setting up the graph would probably an hour or two of work to research the filters you’d need.

When you get contacted by the field computer (or the user pushes a button to say that the match has started)
IMediaControl* pifController = NULL;
m_pifGraph->QueryInterface(IID_IMediaControl,(void**)&pifController) // gets the media control pointer from the main graph
pifController->Play(); // starts the graph running
pifController->Release(); // releases our COM reference
// yay! now the graph is playing and saving to a file!