I just want to wish everyone good luck tommorow and on the following days. This has been the greatest season to date, and I hope all of you have enjoyed it. Especially to those who have never seen a regional before - you are in for a treat.

Remember Woodie or Dean said at Kickoff that their cameramen would do a wide shot during the mockup game (with human robots) so we could better see the game? And how they didn’t?

Well, one of my wishes this season is that for the broadcast to have some WIDE shots so we can get a taste of all of the action, instead of a focus upon a single robot in a small portion of the field.

Other than that, let the games begin :slight_smile:

Woodie said that some of the webcasts would shot the wide angle, I think a mix though is the best. Don’t want the robots to look like little specs, plus for the public, I think that a close up looks the coolest.

To get back on track, Venkatesh was extremely correct; i believe that this game will be the most exciting out of any of them, and even if you are or arn’t a rookie, we will all be in for a treat.

Good luck, and may we all be winners.

It seems that VCU’s webcast will contain both because it has both fixed camera’s and FIRST production cameras. It’s on their event webpage if you want to watch. Good luck too all.