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The 2007 FIRST Vex Challenge is Coming
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Don’t miss the 2007 FIRST Vex Challenge. Preparations for this year’s FVC are well underway. This year FVC will feature new and exciting changes, including:

• Improved Robot Kit Set
• Faster and easier process for ordering
• New and even more challenging game
• More events. More Teams

It’s never too early to start preparing for FIRST, and FVC is now accepting pre-registrations from interested teams. Pre-registering insures you will receive the latest information and updates as soon as they become available. Pre-registration also helps FIRST in planning for the season’s requirements and logistics. There is no payment or commitment required to pre-register.

It’s easy. Just visit to pre-register and let us know you’re ready for the 2007 FIRST Vex Challenge.

Hey, we’re excited about FIRST Vex Challenge 2007, and we want to know you are too.

Improved kit? Will IFI be releasing a special kit for FVC teams?

By the way, I was talking with Donn Griffith, who is on the FVC GDC, this morning. He was saying something about talking to the Dean. Perhaps something dealing with DEKA’s creations is in the pipeline?

I believe FVC 137 will be returning this year, is it still true that we keep our number?

Keeping our number is really good idea. It is such a great way to establish a team identity. It should be easy to do since the team number is not part of the control system like in FRC. You can count on TEAM 55, Radnor Robotics, coming back. Any idea if the FVC season will be moved or will it still overlap FLL and FVC?

I heard a highly unsubstantiated rumor that there might be a one-time shuffling to allow FRC teams to get their team number in FVC (as was done with a few teams this season, such as 935 and 148 in the form of 1148), but I wouldn’t put too much weight behind it.

FVC Team 173 was able to get that number this past year because the original team assigned that number didn’t participate. They are sponsored by FRC Team 173. But I haven’t heard anything about team numbers being assigned for the coming season.

I’ve heard many different rumors concerning next year’s season, but I think we will all have to wait and watch the website for more official details!

I think it’s important to note, though, that you can pre-register a team and get on the distribution list for more details as they become available. With schools already being out or getting out this week and next, please spread the word to those team leaders who may not be accessing their school e-mail accounts, or to potential team leaders.