Registering 18 year old in STIMS

I read the ‘sticky’ STIMS registration guide, and searched the forum, but can’t seem to find the answer to this.

HOW do we “invite” or register an 18-year-old senior as a youth team member?

On my dashboard, I only have a link to invite “parents”, and when they try to register their child (who is 18) they are told they can’t. But I can’t “invite” a student directly.

Help, please?

The 18 year olds on our team are capable of registering themselves and “applying” to the team through stims.

Indeed, they are required to do so. We ran into this when I tried to register my 18 year old son. The system detects their birth date, and if they are over 18, they have to do it themselves.

So, just to clarify, they (the 18 year old) goes to STIMS, creates an account, and then it will be obvious what to do in order to apply to the team? I will advise him to try that.

Thank you for your responses.

As for as anything in STIMs is obvious. :] If they have already been registered then they can go into their account under the email they use and complete the permission slip. I have found sending invitation are a waist of time.

This year, I was able to just go in, complete the necessary information that my parents had to fill out in prior years, and apply for the team, no invite needed. The process only took about 3-4 minutes.

If only STIMS was that easy for everybody!