Registering for events during competition season

Hi CD,

One of my recent conversations has been about teams that sign up for events late in the season in order to qualify for the Championship. This has been a thing for quite a while, and there are many examples of teams doing it, including this year, but still the main question of this conversation went unanswered.

How do they sign up for events?

According to the FIRSTInspires site, Regional and District event registration closed for all teams for the 2018 season on November 20, 2017. In addition, FIRSTInspires site does not seem to allow team administrators to sign up for events during competitions season. Perhaps it’s as simple as emailing the event coordinator or responding to an email asking for more teams to register for an event.

Does this seem like a loophole? I know of at least one team that would have liked to sign up for another event, but wasn’t aware of any way to do so.

This was covered on Frank’s blog in February:

Do you think you might want a little more FIRST POWER UP action this season? And who wouldn’t be thinking that? Check out this list of Regionals that still have space. If you want to sign up for one of these, have your Lead Mentor 1 or Lead Mentor 2 send an email with the request to

As always, emailing FRC Team Support (and they will take from my cold, dead hands) is a good place to start on inquiries. :slight_smile:

Seems strange to me for FIRST to slip this into a blog and not document it any other way. I get that it’s uncommon for teams to want to register for events late, but one expects “All District Events and All Regional Events Registration Closes” to mean All District Events and All Regional Events Registration Closes.