Registering for Nationals Now

My team was wondering if at this point in the season there is a way to register for the national championship event. We attended last year and were wondering if there was a way to still do it without the merit based qualification.

You can see here that the deadline passed on December 1st.

ya i saw that but i was wondering if maybe there was another way or if there was still a way to do that.

Aside from qualifying via winning an award there is no way to get in now

I’m confident that 694’s robot can do very well at Connecticut. You can still win your way in, you have an excellent bot. Best of luck in CT!

FIRST typically opens registration for any remaining Championship spaces after the last regional winners have made their decision whether or not to attend.

I would suggest asking FIRST about the details, and if there are any conditions (such as those applying to open registration in the fall).

BTW, what awards gets you to Nationals?

its winning the regional, chairmans, engineering inspiration, or one of the rookie awards (i’m preety sure its rookie all star).

Regional champion, EI, Regional Chairman, Rookie All-Star. these are the regional awards to qualify you for the Championship Event