Registering Inventor 8?

How do you register/authorize Inventor 8 that we got. When I run it and click authorize and click the link to and go through all that, it brings me to a screen for FLEXIm network and asks for Host name and Host ID. I haver no idea what these are for or what they are?

When I try to register it through the program itself (not clicking link), it comes up with an error #20.

What should I do?

FlexLM is a licence manager server. I was hoping that this wouldn’t be necessary, but what it often requires is a network connection to a computer running the FlexLM server service, whenever a workstation tries to access the actual CAD software. Depending on the application, sometimes, you can configure the workstation to act as its own server, but depending on the exact details of the copies of software we received, that may not be possible–and I wouldn’t be surprised if the software “phoned home” on its initial use, to mark the licence server as being allocated to a specific MAC address (which is in turn unique–usually–to the network card). Some versions of Pro/E do something similar, and for the same reason, I can’t access AutoCAD 2002 on a GM laptop at home, because it isn’t connected to a valid domain with the requisite FlexLM server.
In short, I don’t know what to do in particular, but that may clear some of it up for you.

It’s a very intensive, and laborious process to register all of the new software. Our sponsor has been handling it ( a great man). But from what I understand, you have to call in every copy of the software that you install. That means if you have 20 computers like we do, you have to call in every single one of them. When you call in, they ask for the number and you give it to them. Then they give you a unique code (really really long) that you then enter in. Following that, your software is registered and you’re ready to go. I don’t know the number, but check the install section of the software of the manual for further details.

I know about calling in every “request code” and if you want to install all four AutoDesk Design Academy programs. Each has its own unique “request code” meaning that there are 104 request codes to call in if you want to register all four products. :ahh: You would think they would want to make it easy or somthing. :yikes:

I know in the past, I have been able to e-mail Autodesk for authorization codes in batches (Autodesk ACES package). Which means you need to install on all machines, copy down the request codes and e-mail them all at once. This is a bit easier than calling each on individually.

I too ran into this problem, but have yet had time to call Autodesk to resolve it.

I’ll try to due this tomorrow, its been on my list all week. I’ll let you know how we make out.

my doubt comes even before this FLEXIm stuff

should I Install the “single user” option in all the computers of the network and register them 1 by 1 or install by the “network” choice?
I dont know what Host name and Host ID are, we talked to the network admins and they don’t know that too.
can anyone help me on that?
I’m lost =(

my e-mail and IM:
[email protected]

Just email: [email protected]

In the body put:


My name is NAME.

The product I have is the Autodesk Design Academy with serial number:

I am requesting an authorization code for Inventor 8. The request code
is: BLAH

Thank you very much,


I just copy and past the same email with a different request number for each license i want to authorize. They’ll reply within a couple hours (if it’s in the middle of the day). I think that’s a lot easier than having to copy down that long string off the phone :wink:


so I must install the “single user license” in each computer of my network?

No… If you’re doing a network instillation… i guess you should be able to the network license thing. But if you’re stations don’t have distributed applications, you would want to single user license them all.

Also, with regards to what i said yesterday about what you need to include in the email. Autodesk actually wants a little more info. (They accecpted my first two registrations with only the name… but they wanted more the third time… go figure… lol)

Of course, also be sure to include the Product (Inventor 8), the SN and the Request code.


This whitepaper might be helpful as well:

Does FIRST let us do it as a network license or does it have to be 25 individual licenses. Anyway, I had to authorize everything this year by e-mail since the automatic registration didn’t work for any of the software, but the e-mail went without a hitch and a response usually came within a few hours.