Registering Team members and parent/guardians

Is anyone else having a great deal of difficulty with this process?

Wasting so much time on this exercise.
Being asked for a “captcha” that I cannot complete.

I used to forgo this in the past because it was too difficult and we used paper copies.

No choice this year.

Any suggestions?

FIRST won’t respond to my questions.

We’ve always required 100% online from our team because we didn’t ever want to forget the signed forms. It’s so much easier to just print the roster. Even if we forget it, we can find somewhere to just print it up and we don’t have to worry about it.

I wish FIRST made it easier to understand how this is done and where they put stuff on the dashboard. It seems like every year they tweak it just a bit and move things around. Especially for parents. I no longer have a kid in the program, so I don’t see where they put that stuff until my parents have trouble and I have to help. I wish it was a simple question-answer thing.

Like "Are you a student or parent? " (student). Fill out home information. And when you hit submit it says: “Do you want to join a team?” (Yes). Fill out team information. When you hit submit it takes you to the ‘invite a parent’ form. The problem is that if you don’t know to do these things, it doesn’t automatically take you there. You only register.

Simply put here’s what needs to happen when you register students:

  1. Have student register with firstinspires
  2. Have student confirm email address with firstinspires
  3. Have student fill out demographic and personal information.
  4. Have student “Apply to a team”
  5. Have student “Invite a parent”
  6. Have coach “Accept student to the team”
  7. Have parent register with firstinspires
  8. Have parent confirm email address with firstinspires
  9. Have parent fill out personal information
  10. Have parent Accept invitation from student
  11. Have parent sign all consent and release forms (there may be more than 1)

I used to have a slide show showing where on the dashboard all of these places were, but it’s changed now. Sorry. And the steps might be in a slightly different order, but make sure you keep the Student-Coach-Parent order. It just makes things eaiser. Keep a look out for the little red indicators too, they tell you where things need to be filled out.


I hate those captchas. It’s a struggle every year to get everyone registered. We’ve got most through (DL nominees, presenters), but some are still stuck in the process somewhere!


Public service announcement: If you are under 18 your parents need to register you. The under 18s don’t have anything to do with it. It is way simpler if the parents go through the process First.

When I was mentoring one of the things the team started doing was having parents/guardians register at the team organizational meeting just after the team was formed. We’d train some team members to walk them through registration on firstinspires and if there were issues, we’d have some other people there to troubleshoot.

The worst ones were team members who had come up through FLL and either they or their parents/guardians had lost their old email address.

It’s probably a bit late in the season, but it’s something to consider, it worked really well for us.

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Technically (according to the US government*) you only have to be 13 to register for a site online. And I’ve found it MUCH more problematic to register the parents first. (For FRC. FTC and FLL might be different)

Is this process a must-do, or only required for Dean’s list or some such?

There’s no option this year for a paper consent and release form. Everyone involved with virtual judging or attending events needs to have their consent and release form signed electronically this year.

Reality is unless you are 18 you cannot register yourself on a team. It is all about the release forms. This has nothing to do with registering on the site. You are correct that the youth cannot create an account at first until they are 13.

I’ve had so many issues this year! Here in Ontario there is a requirement of 2 Consent and Release forms. For some of my parents they are not getting the Ontario form thus not having a green check mark next to the students name. MANY errors with the website. I too have emailed everyone/email I have related to FIRST to see about getting this rectified.

Why is this so difficult for their website to function properly?..

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Yeah I have had issues where students click the “finish registration button” and it leads to a dead link. The first website as a whole is not great. Especially the dynamic parts

I’m in Michigan and we also have 2 forms. I’ve found that I have to accept them to the team before it gives the parent the michigan one. That’s why I say to do the steps in order of Student-Coach-Parent.


ooooo I will definitely try that!!! Thank you for that tip :slight_smile:

Two things:

I can’t guarantee this guide is still 100% accurate, but feel free to try it and out, modify, and distribute as needed:

You mentioned questions for HQ. Other than the burdensome captcha, what questions are going unanswered? Perhaps the community can help.

I feel for you. The web site is a kluge. The only thing I offer the parents is they only have to deal with it once a year. :crying_cat_face:

Anyway PCH has two forms as well. The second one appears after applying to the team. (Before I approve the application as coach) I tell the parents not to the release forms until after applying to the team. That is about 80% percent effective.

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I think it’s because it’d two different legal entities and those two different releases and all the districts need them?

That is the reason. The web site does a poor job of telling the applicant there is another permission form to sign. You have to go where the forms are somewhat hidden to find it. All you see form the coaches dashboard is there is a missing form.

It is better than in 21 when they kept changing the form and expected people to resign them. I gave up and stopped worrying about it.

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Seriously how hard would it be to ask people what categories they qualify for parent, team member, mentor, and volunteer and then just make them setup fully and then generate paperwork?

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You misunderstand my role in life. I have zero input on how First runs its registration or its web site. What I know about getting people registered is from annually walking about 40 team members through it for last 10 years or so.

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Yeah I guess im just down to ineptly complaining about the PIA it is to manage

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