Registration 2012

You probably know where I’m going with this…

Just some basic data to get us started. We’re all pretty active on opening day.
As it was last year, it looks like Michigan [strike]and Seattle[/strike] won’t be publishing their team lists right away.

The perennially late event schedule was posted two days before registration opening this year.
69 events comprised of:

  • (1) Championship
  • (2) FRC Region Championships
  • (14) Districts
  • (52) Regionals
    That’s an estimated 3429 slots, not counting the Region or World Championships. An increase in capacity of 437 over last season.
    Last season we had ~242 unclaimed open slots at regional/district events.
    To put it in perspective there was a net gain last season of 257 teams. Similar growth this year would give us 293 new teams for those new slots.

According to Bill’s Blog on 9/23/11, 341 FRC teams completed the pre-registration in TIMS almost a week before real registration opens.
A week earlier (9/15) 195 teams had completed pre-registration and 69 rookies had entered the system.
As of Tuesday (9/20) I’ve seen temporary rookie numbers as high as 2012152 (reportedly starting at 2012000), meaning at least 153 rookies are already raring to get going.

What will the lowest rookie team # be?
And the Answer is: rookie team #3925

Now I know the 2012 season has officially begun. Thanks for doing this thread every year Mark.

I wonder if the rookie teams this year will start the 4000’s or will they be split between 3900 and 4000s?

Hey Mark, will you be able to update us as to who signed up for what MAR event? I couldn’t find a list anywhere. It wasn’t on the list of regionals last night

Edit Nvm they are posted now.

In the first 45 minutes, 330 teams have negotiated the clogged TIMS to register for events.
429 by 1:00

The response of FIRST’s servers appear to be under performing last year, or that many more teams are interfering with one another.

BAE was full by the end of the first hour.

The graph has the early returns on total # teams. Blue was 2011, Red is 2012. (graph updated at the end of the first day of registration)
The slower rush might be due to the holidays observed in some areas.



I don’t know if it was the first tournament to fill up, but the BAE Systems Granite State Regional was full (before the wait list) with 40 teams at 12:53 ET.

BAE was indeed the first to fill, closely followed a few minutes later by WPI, although WPI only opened for half the number of teams that BAE did.

The top early leaders are:
40 ----- BAE Systems/Granite State Regional (at initial capacity)
23 ----- Silicon Valley Regional
22 ----- WPI Regional (at initial capacity)
20 ----- Greater Kansas City Regional
19 ----- SBPLI Long Island Regional
19 ----- Oklahoma Regional
18 ----- Autodesk Oregon Regional
18 ----- Pittsburgh Regional
18 ----- Boilermaker Regional
18 ----- Boston Regional
17 ----- Midwest Regional
16 ----- Orlando Regional
15 ----- Hatboro-Horsham M.A.R. FRC Qualifying Event

or looked at another way, here is subscription as a % of initial capacity:

% capacity — Event
100.0% ---- BAE Systems/Granite State Regional
100.0% ---- WPI Regional
62.1% ----- Pittsburgh Regional
60.0% ----- Boilermaker Regional
54.8% ----- Silicon Valley Regional
50.0% ----- Hatboro-Horsham M.A.R. FRC Qualifying Event
48.7% ----- SBPLI Long Island Regional
46.7% ----- Lenape M.A.R. FRC Qualifying Event
46.2% ----- Chestnut Hill M.A.R. FRC Qualifying Event
43.8% ----- Mount Olive M.A.R. Qualifying Event
41.9% ----- Boston Regional
40.5% ----- Midwest Regional
37.5% ----- Rutgers M.A.R. FRC Qualifying Event
37.0% ----- Greater Kansas City Regional
35.2% ----- Oklahoma Regional
35.0% ----- Finger Lakes Regional
33.3% ----- Autodesk Oregon Regional
32.7% ----- Orlando Regional
31.8% ----- Utah Regional

Ken, did your team make it in?

For person-to-person communication such as this, sending a Private Message is usually better than posting in a forum thread.

For this particular question, however, the answer is readily found by looking at the list of teams registered for the BAE Systems Granite State Regional. Team 1519 is indeed on the list.

We all know you’re a data junkie, but thanks anyway for posting this thread.

It’s interesting to see which teams are making longer trips this year…

Noteably 229 and 1511 making the trip down from Upstate NY, and 118 making the trip all the way from Texas to play over here in New England at the Connecticut Regional

Its also nice to see Team 190 coming down to play in Florida week 5 at FAU.

Pittsburgh is also now full (with fine print).

Yeah, buddy. Looking forward to Pittsburgh once again.

Nice to see 176 continue their affinity for Canadian events by signing up at Montreal.

Yes. We are looking forward to going over the boarder once again.

Looks like they started at 3925.

Hear you might be bringing some friends along. :slight_smile:

There is definitely a team that will travel the farthest across the continent to Hawaii. Not official yet though.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Hmmmmmm. Who could that be?:stuck_out_tongue:

Right now of the 5 MAR events, Mount Olive (woot hometown love) looks to be the toughest to play in. The other 4 look to be at a fairly even level of competition. The powerhouses spread out decently enough, I think.

Cannot wait for this season to start. We’ll be playing at Chesnut Hill and Mt. Olive. Should be sick!