Registration 2012

It seems like there may be some sort of Glitch in the MAR Registration. Two teams managed to register outside of MAR for Regional Events.


That’s not a problem, is it? I didn’t think there was a restriction on who could attend non-FIM/non-MAR Regional competitions.

The restriction we were told of the night prior to registration is that any team who chooses to attend an event otside MAR MUST wait until second event registration opens for all teams.

Did they give a rational for asking MAR teams to wait?

On the surface it wouldn’t seem to matter, since on the whole MAR events are guaranteed. Although you may not get your choice by choosing late, none of the events are very far from each other (unlike a MI UP team attending a Detroit District).

It would give the MAR teams an advantage over Regional-only teams I suppose to have your home spots guaranteed.

Technically, MAR teams aren’t allowed to register for outside regional events until October 27th. It was a bit strange to see two MAR teams registered for outside Regional Events and no MAR events.

Maybe it won’t be an issue in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a little troubling for those of us who will be biting our fingers for the next 4 weeks hoping that our Travel Regional won’t fill. (Many teams are in the position that only one regional works with budgets, time, MAR schedule, Testing, etc.)

I’m not sure of the rationale, but it is justified to have MAR teams wait until second event registration opens for all because MAR teams were allowed to pick TWO MAR events already. It seems fair enough.

Whatever the rationale, I just want every team to abide by the same rule regardless of even if it was an error on TIMS’s part.

From an outsiders perspective…

When we’re deciding on our regionals, like everyone else, its a tough call to choose which one we register at first. We may be able to guarantee a spot at our travel regional, but it would be at the risk of being boxed out of our home regional. For this reason, we always register for the Boston regional first. Some teams philosophy may differ, but for us, its the way we do things. If however, we were guaranteed registration to an event nearby, it would make choosing which regional to register for first a no brainer; go for the travel first knowing our home competition is more or less guaranteed.

The other side of the coin is obviously that the MAR teams do not have a choice right now, they have to sign up for home first. If the choice was up to the MAR teams however, I feel they would be at a slight advantage when it came to registration. IF they had a choice, they could sign up for a travel comp knowing their home comps would still be available (and also closed off to a large portion of FRC teams).

Thats just the way I see it from an outsider’s perspective. I certainly understand the concern Dustin and Akash have because some teams may be taking advantage of this “loophole” (for lack of a better term).


For HI teams, they are pretty much guaranteed a spot at their own home regional. That’s why we and other HI teams usually sign up for the mainland regional 1st, ensuring that whatever travel plans/reservations were done in advance, wouldnt have to be cancelled due to registration being closed.

Ladies & Gentlemen
We have reached the 1000 team mark.

These are teams registered openly for events (so not including MI-except for the single odd team 66 apparently playing alone in Northville :))
That’s 4 days earlier than the last two years and almost half the teams that played last year.
(Although, to be a fair comparison with last year it’s more like 3 days earlier, since 35 WA teams would have to be subtracted.)
The graph compares 2011 to past years back to 2007. (Ignore the dates at the bottom. They are normalized across the years to match up the graphs for comparison.)

For events:
MAR team 1168 got pulled back from Chesapeake.
For MAR it looks like a little less than half the NJ teams aren’t signed up yet, and a quarter of eastern PA teams haven’t yet registered. All of DE (2) have registered.
All MAR events have single-digit initial openings remaining.
Other single-digit Regionals remaining are:(4) Boilermaker
(6) Silicon Valley
67 rookies total, so 6.7% of the registered teams.
There’s a slew of Montreal rookies.



Team number 4000 is from Corpus Christi, TX

And the Michigan team list has been released, with an initial 101 teams showing as registered.
Looks like each team has been assigned to only one event to start.

At 1200 teams now (1:45pm, 10/3)

Representatives from:

  • 9 Countries (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Chile, Germany, Turkey, UK)
    *]50 US States/districts/territories (missing: NE & SD)
    SBPLI is full

I am curious to see what kind of impact there is to regionals around the same geographical area of the new MAR. Is there data about the impact the MI regionals had, initially, to ones near the MI Regionals? DC and Chesapeake, at least from what I recall last year, seem to be down somewhat. In the case of MI, regionals just outside of the state, did they experience a smaller number of teams, and if so, how long did it take for them to recover?

How do you gather this data? I would love to do some analysis on the data, as well.



The Boilermaker regional experienced just the opposite. When the Michigan regionals were closed to non-Michigan teams that removed a great deal of choice for other teams in the Midwest.

Boilermaker went from 28 teams with lots of open spots to selling out early and waitlisting teams.

I cant wait to see how the 2nd round of regional picking will do to the South Florida Regional. We already have 2 northern teams going and I’m just curious to see if any others will get in seeing as most Florida teams going to orlando will try to sign up for it.

I’d have to look more closely, but DC filled faster last year (25 vs. 11), while MD filled half as slowly last year(13 vs. 21)- both of these are as of this point in the registration process. Reasons can vary from date changes to new team growth to MAR taking teams away or forcing outside teams away from the PA/NJ events, but it’s probably easiest to just look at who attended the last two years and compare who hasn’t registered or yet registered this season.
I can take a poke at that analysis later for both MAR and FiM, but I have a rookie team meeting today that I’m taking off the afternoon for.

Some of the data is directly available from FIRST](, such as, current registration numbers and who attended each regional last year. I also have a spreadsheet with past attendance info. That can be used to figure out what teams MD & DC will lose this season.
That’s from my FRC Statistics page, which also has other stuff for you to play with if you like.

Other data, like how many teams were registered on such-and-such a date in 2007, I only have, because I collected it at the time. FIRST doesn’t keep daily/weekly records like that. That’s also on the FRC Statistics site, but isn’t all directly linked. There are too many variations that only I find useful. For instance, I’ve taken random snapshots of regional team counts throughout the registration process each year. You can get to last years record directly using:

Something else to consider with MD/DC/VA is the weeks of the events. In glancing through sign ups a number of MD/DC/VA teams that have competed in two events in the past have signed up for a distant events or MD for weeks 1-3 and I suspect they will sign up for VA or DC for week 4 or 5 when permitted.

Yikes, they’ve been working hard in Quebec!

No analysis, but I did use Mark’s spreadsheet to tabulate the team counts for most of the regionals “near” Michigan. See the attachment. The transition from old school (2008) to Michigan districts (2009) is highlighted.


This morning there were roughly 1258 (+/- 6 based on when this morning) teams listed leaving ~170 +/- 6 waitlisted teams.
There are only 3 full Regional events this morning that will have waitlists, so Michigan or MAR might have some hidden teams. Where else could they be hidden on a waitlist?
MAR is quite open and we seem to be seeing every team, Michigan has released 101 slots and can currently accommodate 79 more. None of that accounts for 170 teams sitting around waiting for something to happen.

Maybe he included pre-registered teams that hadn’t picked an event yet (or got check marks for all the required pre-registration items).

Oregon and Boilermaker have reached their initial quotas and are now waitlisting.
Along with the MAR Rutgers district event.

Here’s where event registration now stands at 9am.

  • 40% of the available event slots have been taken - 1385 event slots spoken for.
  • ~56% (estimated) of the teams we’ll probably end up with this year are represented - 1320 teams registered.
  • ~13% over this time last year (adjusted for last year’s later MI & WA team list releases). Registration has set a brisk pace as you can see by the attached comparison chart with past years.
    red means initial capacity has been reached (usually meaning there are 10 hidden reserved slots for waitlisters -rookies probably get priority).
    Events that are close to initial capacity are labeled in green too.

54 ----- Autodesk Oregon Regional
42 ----- Oklahoma Regional
40 ----- Greater Kansas City Regional
40 ----- BAE Systems/Granite State Regional
39 ----- SBPLI Long Island Regional
37 ----- Los Angeles Regional
37 ----- Silicon Valley Regional (5 left)
35 ----- Midwest Regional (7 left)
33 ----- Orlando Regional
33 ----- Lake Superior Regional
33 ----- Boston Regional
32 ----- Festivale de Robotique FRC a Montreal Regional
32 ----- Rutgers M.A.R. FRC Qualifying Event
31 ----- San Diego Regional
30 ----- Boilermaker Regional
29 ----- Pittsburgh Regional
29 ----- West Michigan FiM FRC Qualifying Event (1 left)
29 ----- Lenape M.A.R. FRC Qualifying Event (1 left)
28 ----- Smoky Mountain Regional
28 ----- Finger Lakes Regional
28 ----- Mount Olive M.A.R. Qualifying Event (4 left)
27 ----- Virginia Regional
27 ----- Minnesota 10000 Lakes Regional
27 ----- Hatboro-Horsham M.A.R. FRC Qualifying Event (3 left)
25 ----- Alamo Regional
25 ----- Seattle Cascade Regional
25 ----- Minnesota North Star Regional
24 ----- Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional
22 ----- WPI Regional
22 ----- Peachtree Regional
21 ----- Chesapeake Regional
21 ----- Arizona Regional
20 ----- Kettering University FiM FRC Qualifying Event
20 ----- Chestnut Hill M.A.R. FRC Qualifying Event (6 left)
19 ----- Wisconsin Regional
18 ----- New York City Regional
18 ----- Colorado Regional
17 ----- North Carolina Regional
17 ----- Lone Star Regional
16 ----- Buckeye Regional
15 ----- Sacramento Regional
15 ----- Bayou Regional
14 ----- Seattle Olympic Regional
14 ----- South Florida Regional
13 ----- Utah Regional (capacity revised upwards)
13 ----- Palmetto Regional
13 ----- Greater Toronto West Regional
13 ----- Spokane Regional
13 ----- Traverse City FiM FRC Qualifying Event
12 ----- Washington DC Regional
11 ----- St. Louis Regional
11 ----- Queen City Regional
11 ----- Detroit FiM FRC Qualifying Event
11 ----- Troy FiM FRC Qualifying Event
10 ----- Livonia FiM FRC Qualifying Event
8 ------ Hawaii Regional
8 ------ Dallas West Regional
8 ------ Waterford FiM FRC Qualifying Event
7 ------ Waterloo Regional
7 ------ Northville FiM FRC Qualifying Event
6 ------ Dallas East Regional
6 ------ Las Vegas Regional
4 ------ Israel Regional
4 ------ Greater Toronto East Regional
4 ------ Central Valley Regional
4 ------ Niles FiM FRC Qualifying Event



Does the Utah regional really have only 22 spaces open for initial registration?

(That’s not enough teams for an 8-alliance elimination and at any given time, only three teams would be in the pits - all others would be in the queue, on deck or on the field!)

Did I miss something?

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