Registration 2013

SBPLI (39), WPI(32) & Silicon Valley(42) Regionals are at Initial Capacity now as well.
Oregon Regional (54) filled by 10:30pm

The Bosnian team has returned from some time off.
The Netherlands, Germany, Chile, Israel, Canada, US, Australia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Turkey - all heard from.
69 rookie teams are eager to begin.
More than half the teams from last year re-registered during the first day.

Here’s how the first day of Registration looked in comparison to last year.
Pretty healthy growth resulting in a record number (7) of sold out events on the first day.



1-Is there any way to see what number on the waitlist you are?

2-When do they typically start to pull from the list?

The only ones who know where you are on the waitlist, other than FIRST HQ, are the Regional Directors, and maybe the Planning Committee chairs. I know we don’t know on our committee.

It varies depending on rookie team registration. It can be as early as Nov. and as late as Jan or Feb. The Regional Directors are the ones who begin authorizing the clearing of the waitlist because they are in the know of late registering rookies.

You won’t have any problem Jake.
Registering when you did put you pretty high on the waitlist, if not at the top, and we only get a couple of rookies each year.
You can drop Ginny a note if you want reassurance.

Seattle has gone to a waitlist.

Others running short are now:

  • (3) St. Louis
  • (4) Waterloo
  • (7) Midwest
  • (9) Boston
    *](9) Hatboro-Horsham District

Where do the rookie team numbers start?

First 2013 rookie is team 4450 from Olympia, WA

According to the director blog, numbers 4450 and up are 2013 rookies.

I find this hilarious cause the highest rookie number to my knowledge was 4410 the Cyborg Senators. I get them wanting it to be easy to know who is a rookie and who isn’t but they skipped 40 numbers

FIRST usually reserves a few numbers every year for new teams that don’t meet the rookie team criteria. Any new team with an approximate age of last year’s rookies will be assigned one of those 40 numbers.

Generally FIRST HQ likes putting gaps in the numbers like that for future use. The best example I can cite off hand is when 47 and 61?? merged to form Wings of Fire (Team 51). Note that even though the merge was completed in the past four years, the new team still has a really low number.

There is more information somewhere on the FIRST website, but I cannot seem to find it.

There are examples of new teams getting low numbers this year:

  • 193 in Flanders, NJ (a new second team at Mt. Olive High School- also has team 11)
  • 1786 in Lubbock, TX (looks like a split off from team 1817)
    *]2451 in St. Charles, IL (changed their number from 2949)
    Here’s a quick map of the teams registered so far:

Team numbers by year

• Teams #1-#208 were rookies in or before 1998 (this is due to FIRST giving teams new numbers every year previously).
• Teams #209-#335 were rookies in 1999.
• Teams #336-#491 were rookies in 2000.
• Teams #492-#716 were rookies in 2001.
• Teams #717-#999 were rookies in 2002.
• Teams #1000-#1238 were rookies in 2003.
• Teams #1239-#1497 were rookies in 2004.
• Teams #1498-#1709 were rookies in 2005.
• Teams #1710-#1980 were rookies in 2006.
• Teams #1981-#2287 were rookies in 2007.
• Teams #2330-#2681 were rookies in 2008.
• Teams #2702-#3122 were rookies in 2009 (no even numbers between 2702 and 2826).
• Teams #3123-3423 were rookies in 2010.
• Teams #3450-3883 were rookies in 2011.
• Teams #3925-4410 were rookies in 2012.
• Teams #4450-xxxx were rookies in 2013.

Cool Mark. Thanks, as always.

Am I the only one who is seeing a distinct lack of teams in New Your State north of the New Jersey border? I mean, Rockland & Orange counties are quite heavily populated, but not a single team. I wonder why?


Waterloo has reached Initial Capacity.
A second Australian team registered for Hawaii late last night and Saskatchewan has been heard from.

There have never been teams in that area, but I don’t know why not.
This is a snapshot of all the NY FRC teams there have ever been, and it’s pretty empty there.

Silicon Valley has 118 and 148 attending. Those are gonna be some exciting elimination matches.

Plenty of room in CVR though! And 568 is showing some Sacramento love! Can’t wait to meet 'em!

More than 1400 teams registered now, almost a week ahead of last year.
(This doesn’t count teams that are unreported while pending (estimated to be ~39) on the waitlists (waitpools might be a more accurate term, since no order is assumed) of the unusually large number of oversubscribed events)

89 new teams (3 aren’t considered rookies)
Rookie team generation:

  • (8) Arkansas is ahead
  • (6) Michigan & Washington tie
  • (5) Tennessee, Pennsylvania & Georgia tie
    California is leading with 130 registered teams
    Michigan & NY are next at 102 and 93 respectively.

I completely did a double take when I saw this. It’s going to be a fun week 6 regional, with so many powerhouses attending. 254 might have to watch their back for once, considering that they have won 11 out of 12 of the regionals at SV.

Events at Initial Capacity:

  1. Granite State

  2. Boilermaker

  3. Pittsburgh

  4. WPI

  5. LI

  6. Silicon Valley

  7. Oregon

  8. Seattle

  9. Waterloo
    Events with Initial openings reduced to single digits:

  10. (1) St. Louis

  11. (4) Phoenix

  12. (4) Midwest

  13. (7) Peachtree

  14. (7) Boston

  15. (8) MAR Hatboro-Horsham

  16. (9) Montreal

  17. (9) Razorback
    The most popular 1st choice among the new Regional events:

  18. (21) Razorback

  19. (13) Crossroads

  20. (9) Northern Lights

  21. (9) Inland Empire

  22. (7) Hub City

  23. (6) Central Washington

  24. (6) Pine Tree
    *](4) Western Canadian