Registration 2013

Fingers crossed for some Peachtree spots to linger to second event registration! I know a lot of members of Team Columbia have their eye on it.

Mark, where are we as compared to last year and how many total teams were there last year?

Total 2012 teams: 2339

We’re at 1415 now vs the 2012 total at this time of 1143 teams.
That’s 5 days ahead of last season or a ~24% gain.

I am not Mark but I can answer this for you:

Events at Initial Capacity:

  1. Granite State (Week 1, 23 Slots)
  2. Boilermaker (Week 3, 30 Slots)
  3. Pittsburgh (Week 3, 30 Slots)
  4. WPI (Week 2, 32 Slots)
  5. LI (Week 6, 39 Slots)
  6. Silicon Valley (Week 6, 42 Slots)
  7. Oregon (Week 2, 54 Slots)
  8. Seattle (Week 5, 54 Slots)
  9. Waterloo (Week 4, 20 Slots)

Events with Initial openings reduced to single digits:
• (1) St. Louis (Week 3, 25 Slots)
• (4) Phoenix (Week 4, 40 Slots)
• (4) Midwest (Week 6, 43 Slots)
• (7) Peachtree (Week 3, 46 Slots)
• (6) Boston (Week 4, 43 Slots)
• (8) MAR Hatboro-Horsham (Week 1.5, 36 Slots)
• (9) Montreal (Week 3, 42 Slots)
• (9) Razorback (Week 6, 30 Slots)

The most popular 1st choice among the new Regional events:
• (21) Razorback (Week 6, 30 Slots)
• (13) Crossroads (Week 6, 38 Slots)
• (9) Northern Lights (Week 2, 40 Slots)
• (9) Inland Empire (Week 5, 40 Slots)
• (7) Hub City (Week 1, 44 Slots)
• (6) Central Washington (Week 4, 42 Slots)
• (6) Pine Tree (Week 6, 38 Slots)
• (4) Western Canadian (Week 6, 38 Slots)

It’s not time consuming, because I maintain that information for my own use. I actually take time to cut that out before I post.

I can add the max capacity with the caveat that my total capacity can only be considered, at best, an outsiders estimate.
The total capacity of an event is at the sole discretion of the Regional Director. So I can use the numbers from last season if the venue hasn’t changed, or the Initial Capacity +10 or 12. But circumstances and considerations that I can’t possibly know about can make those numbers unreliable.

Is what James posted what you are looking for?

close enough. Thanks all!

St. Louis, Phoenix, & Midwest also reached initial capacity this morning.
15.5% of Regionals are at the “waitpool”* stage.

And we have over 1500 teams registered now.
64% of last year’s max teams.

New category, events at Initial Capacity who subsequently add more teams:

  • (+2) BAE (added a rookie and a veteran team)
  • (+1) Boilermaker
  • (+6) Pittsburgh
  • (+2) Seattle
    *](+2) Silicon Valley
  • Waitlist is misleading, since it isn’t an ordered list, so I made up a new term, waitpool, to refer to the group of teams hoping for a released spot.

Oh wow, I didn’t realize that GSR was such a small capacity this year - we were hoping to maybe be able to slide in their for our second registration choice, but maybe not now. We’re already registered for WPI in week 2, and I wasn’t really looking forward to doing regionals back to back (even if one of them is insanely local and I get to sleep at home), but if that’s the way it worked out, then so be it.

Glad to see that Boston still has some capacity, so fingers crossed by the time that second regional registration rolls around, slots are still available since we have our eye on it. :wink:

It’s going to be tough to beat out the competition to register! With 5 new rookie teams, and hopefully all of the teams from last year, We’re looking at a 60+ team regional again, and some teams like 1311 and 1002 (who have this regional in their backyard) haven’t registered yet.

1311 is registered for an out of town event for their primary regional. Smokey Mountains. We will be pursuing Chairman’s there.

Georgia is having explosive FRC growth. Last year produced 18 new teams and they are all back for this year. Even though 5 or so rookies have registered this year that number may double.

Where will 1311’s second regional be ? We do not know. Peachtree is going to be extremely tight. We may have to travel a long way to somewhere ? And things happening at the ‘IC’ will be really tough…

Where are the new regionals ? I wish we had the money, Hawaii would be nice. I’m digging that Luau…

EDIT: Of the 18 rookie teams in Georgia last year, 16 are returning.

New Regionals (not counting the Duluth doubling):
[li]Week 1[LIST][/li][li]Hub City Regional, Lubbock Municipal Coliseum Lubbock, TX USA 28-Feb - 02-Mar-2013[/ul][/li][li]Week 4[/li][ul]
[li]Central Washington Regional, Nicholson Pavillion Ellensburg, WA USA 21-Mar - 23-Mar-2013[/ul][/li][li]Week 5[/li][ul]
[li]Inland Empire Regional, Coussoulis Arena San Bernardino, CA USA 28-Mar - 30-Mar-2013[/ul][/li][li]Week 6[/li][ul]
[li]Western Canadian FRC Regional, The Olympic Oval Calgary, Alberta Canada 04-Apr - 06-Apr-2013[/li][li]Razorback Regional, Barnhill Arena Fayetteville, AR USA 04-Apr - 06-Apr-2013[/li][li]Crossroads Regional, Hulbert Arena Terre Haute, IN USA 04-Apr - 06-Apr-2013[/li][li]Pine Tree Regional, Androscoggin Bank Colisée Lewiston, ME USA 04-Apr - 06-Apr-2013[/ul][/li][/LIST]

Has anyone been able to determine which of the new Regionals will be NASA-funded, if any?

I see the application process opens tomorrow (Oct. 3) so I guess we’ll find out then.

i’m sure there are more rookies coming up, and they just need funding to pay.

As for regional ideas, Bayou isn’t too bad of a drive, and if you want to take the week 1 gamble (I always see week 1’s as gambles. you are part of the teams that decide the fate of the game) and go to Palmetto.

With the growth of FRC in the south, I forsee FIRST doing a new regional next year possibly in the panhandle of Florida or in Jacksonville. This would probably be a big ticket regional because you could pull teams from Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida.

Am I mistaken or is it really unusual to see a new regional in week 1?

IIRC, the inaugural Alamo Regional in 2011 was Week 1. Also, Smoky Mountains last year.

Actually smoky mountains began as a week 5 regional.

Right you are; I forgot it was around in 2011.

I think 2003 Sacremento & 2005 Finger Lakes were both rookies and 1st week events.