Registration 2015

Time again for that wonderful pastime of watching the election results as folks click through TIMS voting for their most popular FRC events.

107 events - 11% growth (at least to start with)
56 Regionals (+2)
45 Districts (+8)
5 District Championships (+1)
1 World Championship (greatly enlarged)

Ladies and Gentlemen, exercise your clicking fingers…

1st rookie team # is 5400

I’m excited, are you?


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Time to see if the approximately 500 emails team contacts have received reminding them to complete the YPP screening pays off!

Our senior mentor has been doing a full court press for YPP.

Done! Indianapolis Event, Week 1.

And 2914 is registered for Chesapeake. No issues at all with registration.

And Rosie is on for Hartford.

Registration was the quickest I ever remember. 1519 signed up for the Week 5 Northeastern University Event in the New England District as our first event within about 30 seconds of registration opening.

2175 Registered for North Star!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey.

Icarus 2081 is flying in to Central Illinois Regional… well, most of us could walk there. Nice to have it in our own town!!!

772 teams registered within the first 3 minutes (4.3 teams per second)
838 at 4 minutes (66 teams per minute-just for this time period)
887 at 5 minutes (49 teams per minute)
926 at 6 minutes (39 teams/min)
946 at 7 minutes (20 teams/min)
972 at 8 minutes (26 teams/min)
1007 at 10 minutes (17.5 teams/min)
1067 at 15 minutes (12 teams/min)
1109 at 20 minutes (8.4 teams/min)
1180 at 30 minutes (7.1 teams/min)
1300 at 60 minutes (4 teams/min)
1397 at 90 minutes (3.2 teams/min)
1443 at 2 hours (1.5 teams/min)
1482 at 2.5 hours (1.3 teams/min)
1513 at 3 hours (1 team/min)
1563 at 4 hours (45 teams/hr)
1604 at 5 hours (41 teams/hr)
1700 at 9 hours 42 minutes (20 teams/hr)
1794 at 24 hours (6.5 teams/hr)

1796 at 12 hours (includes ~ 75 waitlisted teams (mostly MI I imagine), from the FRC Blog, which are not visible in the numbers above) translates to an overall ~149 teams /hr

It must be so slow because people are actually reading the legal pages…

P.S. 1st Rookie number is 5400

24 hours to edit this post have expired so no more updates to these here numbers.

In and out in under 30 seconds. 3467 is looking forward to Week 2 at the Reading District event!

Awe yes! :cool:

MOE 365 is in at inaugural Upper Darby MAR District event. Looking forward to it!

30 seconds in and out. Fastest ever. Thanks for making this easy, FIRST!

This was the easiest and fastest this has ever gone. Registered for Long Beach at 12:00:15 EDT, and that was taking 5 seconds to skim what I was clicking.

But OMG! By 12:00:50 EDT, there were 25 teams registered! 25 teams in 50 seconds! This is getting ridiculously competitive. By 12:03:00, 30 teams.

All I can say is in future years, you better have a fast computer, on a fast network, and a really precise mouse. And forget trying to read anything on the screen.

Oh, and you better cancel everything and take off work that morning, and if you’re a teacher, cancel class.

5403 in the house, looking forward to a great 2015 season!

Greater Pittsburgh Regional was full in less than 5 minutes (33 slots).