Registration 2016

Has everyone got their Main & Alternate TIMS contacts registered and their Youth Protection Training completed (3 days in advance)?

It’s time again to find out where teams are going to find spots to play.

  • 53 Regionals
  • Chesapeake Districts
  • GA Districts
  • IN Districts
  • MAR Districts
  • MI Districts
  • NC Districts
  • NE Districts
  • PNW Districts

Rookie teams will start with numbers 5800, although there is a new veteran team number 5777.

Here is how FRC Growth has progressed over the years.

I’d like to highlight this nice page that Aren Siekmeier kindly created and is hosting for us to see the totals by event:

And the excitement level begins to ramp up…

Still one of my favorite threads to watch each year! Looking forward to the start of the madness and finding out who is going to be where this season.

Thank you in advance Mark for your excellent analysis and postings with this thread. It is much appreciated each season.

Agreed. Thanks, Mark, for doing this each year.

Not what this thread is about. :ahh:
You’ll see.

Anyone know if there is a way to see the teams that are registerd for an event as they register or do we have to wait for that to come out on a later date

Looks like there’s a nudge toward the new Iowa regional in initial slot availability in the upper Midwest. The Duluth and Minneapolis double regionals both have actual capacity of 60+.

Lake Superior - 33
Northern Lights - 30

Iowa - 50
Wisconsin - 50

10000 Lakes - 33
North Star - 30

You can use:

  • Select 2016/events/Show Results
  • Click on the event you are interested in
  • Click on Queries: What teams are registered for this event?

I want to say thanks to Mark, he quits his day job, moves away from his family into a secluded location with only a hotspot and his high powered laptop to give us the up to the second info on events and team stats…

… well it seems that way. Thanks Mark!!!

refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh,

love this time of year!

Holy smokes that went fast. The button appeared right at the hour down to the second. I registered in about 30 seconds flat, without reading anything whatsoever about what I was clicking on. Within 60 seconds, there were already 30 teams registered for Long Beach.

539 teams registered in the first minute
692 by minute 2
766 - minute 3
826 - minute 4
877 - minute 5
904 - minute 6
944 - minute 7
956 - minute 8
977 - minute 9
991 - minute 10
1004 - minute 11
1018 - minute 12
1027 - minute 13
1040 - minute 14
1052 - 15 minute mark
1100 - minute 23
1200 - minute 50
1300 around 1:30
1400 by 2:27pm
1500 around 4:15pm
1600 by 8:00pm on Thursday
1700 at 9:58am on Friday

That’s probably enough of that.
So approximately a third of teams signed up for their favorite event within the first 15 minutes.

We went from 539 teams registering in the first minute to a team every 3 to 5 minutes 24 hours later.

Events filled:

  1. Pittsburgh was the winner, filling within 2 minutes
  2. SBPLI Long Island was runner-up which filled in 7 minutes
  3. Greater Toronto in 8 minutes
  4. Long Beach filled at 24 minutes (to be fair, they filled almost twice as many initial slots as any other event, so they would have been first by registering 39 teams by the 2 minute mark)
  5. North Star took all of 45 minutes
  6. 10,000 was booked by the second hour
  7. NE-Granite State booked at 9pm Thursday
  8. NE-WPI lost it’s last slot early Friday morning
    That was the high water mark and then it stalls or slows with only small changes.
    12 other events, both Regionals and Districts, whittle down over the day into the single digits with Waterloo the closest at 1 open slot.

12:02 - Added to waitlist at Greater Pittsburgh Regional

:eek: :mad: Really? Two minutes?

Who knew the skills you learned during college class registration would come in handy. :rolleyes:

This is actually the least surprising thing I have seen year after year. I’m pretty sure by 2018 open capacity for this event pre-registration is going to be single digits.

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I mean, there were only 24 spots available… seems smaller this year

Always, you should know by now. :smiley:

Pittsburgh conflicted with quarter exams for us. Was debating between Central Illinois and Buckeye, so went Central Illinois until we figure it out knowing Buckeye rarely fills.

Yeah, I know Jimmy–it’s still annoying. Usually, it’s not until 12:04 or 12:05!!

24 Teams from China are registered already, 11 of those are rookies, and it’s the middle of the night there.