Registration 2017

This is a thread, one of a series over the years, dedicated to general stats about the speed, strength and direction of team & event registration for FRC (& serves as a campfire when the lights of registration servers go out).
P.S. Attached a plot of developing registration over the years.

Data is always welcome here. However, please take chatter about specific events or teams to more appropriate threads on those topics.
If you are maintaining running event/team/districts data on other threads or in standalone google spreadsheets and you want to share, please feel free to link to them or post here.

Starting stats:

  • 3380 rough projection of the 2017 team total count. That’s from 3130 total teams last season (finally settled on April 6 just before most District Championships) and I expect the gain this year is probably going to be between 7 and 8 percent which is roughly the average gain of the past couple of years.
  • 6300 will be the starting Rookie number for this season (#6237 was the last rookie registered last season & FIRST usually rounds up to save a few team numbers each season).
  • 10 District areas (vs 8 last season), new districts in Israel, Ontario
  • 78 District events (vs 65 last season), plus 10 District Championships (vs 8) , and there is always the possibility of a late popup event in Michigan.
  • 55 Regionals showing (vs 53 last season)
    New Regionals in Texas, China, New York, Australia, Wisconsin, California (did I miss any?) Mexico
  • Two World Championship locations (vs 1 last season)

Favorite links:

Ryan’s MAR & Regional centric data:
Allison’s running FiM stats:

Registration dates:
9/22 - Regional & District 1st event
10/6 - 2nd District event, CMP for pre-qualified teams (HOF, original, 2016 winners, etc.)
10/20 - 2nd Regional event, CMP waitlist
11/3 - Unrestricted Regional events, 3rd in-District events
11/10 - Cross District additional events
11/21 - Registration closes (but the CMP waitlist remains open until 4/10/17)

Always one of my favorite threads of the season. Thanks so much for doing this each year, Mark!


In addition to Aren’s awesome site and the official old-style FIRST database (which I prefer to access via this link), I’ll be periodically updating my Google Doc spreadsheet for those following at home. Best of luck to everyone at noon today!

Thank you Mark!

I’m having trouble making this generating data at this site. 2016 & 2017 FRC events and teams aren’t showing. I’ve tried under Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Anyone have any pointers?

Try using this link:

Thank you Mark for putting together this thread again !

Any predictions if we will hit #7000s in team numbers ?

Interested to see total Regional registration numbers after today.

Los Angeles is downgrading, Orange County is upgrading, and many other Regionals are moving to different venues. With several new events, I hope regional registration #s are generally up, but have a lower teams:regional ratio.

Probably not, unless a region suddenly got a huge STEM push.

I agree it’s very unlikely. Assuming teams start getting assigned #'s starting at 6300, it would require two normal years worth of rookies to reach 7000. Next year yes.

I notice that some of the events have a capacity of 0…will that be an issue when registering today?

On some of these, you have to qualify for, like District and World championships. Some, like the Mexico City regional still do not have a event location, so you must apply to the waitlist and then be accepted afterwards once they have a location set. Some, like the Seven Rivers Regional, require you to be checked manually by FIRST to make sure that you are not in a conflict (see the recent blog post about this one). It won’t be an issue for most people, just submit to be on the waitlist.

Thanks for the quick response, I am in the La Crosse area and am very excited for a local regional!

Here’s the link to my 2017 edition of FiM team and event stats. It’s not particularly populated at the moment as I’m trying to remember how I compiled data efficiently the last two years. I’ll update every day or two while registration is active.

I broke all the server issue posts into another thread so this one stays clear and is ready for data come next week (servers willing)

Thanks for doing this and for the transparency in doing so.

Thanks Greg! The split thread can be found here, for those looking:

District event registration opened today at noon. Public facing APIs and database queries were disabled until now, it seems that they are all up again.

I imagine will pick up all these changes eventually as well.

For the moment all regional events and both champs have been removed from FIRST’s event list, showing only district events.

Restarting registration with only District teams today (Regional teams tomorrow).
560 district teams registered by the half hour.
The current rate of event registration is roughly 2 teams/minute
3.7% are rookies

Granite State is full of course.
WPI will be a close second, but not yet.

1729 is happy to be attending Granite State once again!


what is the lowest number rookie for 2017?

6300, but that team isn’t visible yet.
The lowest currently visible rookie team number is 6312