Registration 2017

At 12:05 registration worked with no lag. 2974 is going to PCH Dalton for its first event.

Comparing with last year’s numbers, it looks like a joint registration would have been an almost even split with Regional teams being only a few percent more than District teams, so that likely cut the server surge load in half.
We’ll see tomorrow.

I registered my team, Rosie 839, for WPI (in NE) at 12:00:40. The team count was at 7 open slots when I logged off at 12:02.

5813 is looking forward to competing at the 2017 WPI District event! As of right now, WPI has only 1 open slot.

I had no idea WPI would still be so popular given the unusual scheduling.

is that a normal rate for rookies on the first day? From a previous thread, it looks like somewhere between 10-15% of 2nd year teams fold, so I would have expected many more rookie teams to prop up the FIRST growth rate.

NE Teams that won’t (or prefer not to) compete on Sundays have few options.

That, and the WPI event is awesome.

Pretty normal.
The rookie rate rises much higher later on.
They are generally slower getting organized.

District registration tends to be less restrictive, as teams are bound to their own district and don’t have to worry about far away teams competing for their spots. FiM and PNW also have assigned “home events” that make the process even less competitive for first registration events. In the end, there’s far less need for teams to rush to register during the first 90 seconds of the process being open.

We’ll see how this plays out with regional teams.

This year, “few options” is actually zero “options” (if option implies a choice) for NE District teams who won’t compete on Sundays.

The only way for such teams to attend two NE District Events is to go to WPI (Week 2) and Pine Tree (Week 5).

Some would say we should count our blessings that we at least have one pair of events on different weeks that aren’t on a Sunday.

Guess which events 1519 will be attending? :wink:

Waterloo is the second district event to fill.
NE Granite State - 0
ONT Waterloo - 0

The single digit events are:

CHS Greater DC - 5

FIM Midland - 8
FIM Traverse City - 9

MAR Hatboro-Horsham - 3
MAR Mt. Olive - 9

NE WPI - 1

NC Greensboro - 8

If you guys need any logistics help this year when traveling to Maine let us know. The Nuts & Bolts have been going there for the past three years but decided to try Rhode Island this year instead. We would be happy to pass on any contacts we can.

So, District events are temporarily closed out from 9am to noon today when they will reopen for both Regional and District initial registration and we get to see what the Regional rush looks like.

District registration was down this morning to about a new team every 20 minutes or so. The District component after noon today should have an inconsequential impact on the Regional crush.

878 District teams are registered for specific events.
29 rookie teams ~3.3%
849 veteran teams (including several ‘new’ veterans - spinoffs or sister teams - yes an all-girls team has a sister boys team now :slight_smile:
Only two events reached the initial capacity cap.

98 - CHS (11.2%)
203 - FIM (23.1%)
45 - PCH (5.1%)
43 - IN (4.9%)
0 - ISR (events haven’t been set yet) (0%)
96 - MAR (10.9%)
154 - NE (17.5%)
44 - NC (5.0%)
119 - ONT (13.6%)
76 - PNW (8.7%)

6238 is lower

Are 6238 to 6242 perhaps teams who registered and received rookie team numbers last year, but did not compete? 6237 is a 2016 rookie.

6238 is considered a veteran team by FIRST’s Rookie criteria and was given a number from last season (2016) to reflect their veteran status.
They aren’t eligible for rookie awards in this 2017 season, even though as a team they may be playing for the first time.

You’ll sometimes notice me calling these types of teams “new veterans”.
There are new veterans with even lower team numbers. e.g., 747.

6238 rookie-vet.jpg

6238 rookie-vet.jpg

Forgive me - what do the percentages represent? At first I thought they meant portions of the total registered teams, but their sum is only 90%.

Fixed :slight_smile:

They were supposed to be. I’ll look for my error and correct it.

Thanks Jon!

When each FiM team has registered for its home event, three of those events will be in single-digit territory: Centerline, Midland, and Traverse City. Here is a list of FiM events, with the number of teams assigned to each as their home.

Ann Arbor	25
Centerline	34
Escanaba	18
Gull Lake	17
Howell		9
Kentwood	21
Kettering*	41
Lakeview	16
Lansing		8
Livonia		20
LSSU		13
Marysville	16
Midland		34
Southfield	23
St. Joseph	16
Traverse City	32
Troy		16
Waterford	18
West Michigan	26
Woodhaven	15

*Kettering hosts two district competitions.

The list above includes 411 veterans and 7 pre-identified rookies. Based on the last few years, we should expect a few veterans will not return, and many more rookies will be added. FiM may need to add an event or two. We are already up to four events in some weeks; e.g., Week 2 has Ann Arbor, Centerline, Kettering #2, and St. Joseph.