Registration 2019

So, Registration 2019 begins for Destination: Deep Space.
Initial 1st event (Regional & District) registration preference is open September 20, 2018 NOON Eastern Time through September 27, 2018 NOON Eastern Time.

We already have registered teams, including rookies.
Rookie numbers are starting with 7400](
(ThunderMiners from Melville, NY)
(highest rookie last year was 7331.)

With the newest Texas/New Mexico District:

*]2019 FIRST Robotics Competition Events](

How do we already have teams registered for events when it isn’t noon yet?

Teams can show as registered for the season without having an actual event. Team registration has been open for a while now, even though event registration hasn’t yet. According to the Team and event search on FIRST’s website, there are over 4400 teams registered for the season already - including yours!

The interesting thing to note is that the season counts are derived from profile year as far as I can tell, and some teams who haven’t actually paid yet (all the pre-rookies with 2019XXXXX numbers) and teams whose mentors accessed the profile but haven’t paid yet, all get set with a 2019 profile year.

EDIT: The number of teams who register is also not the number of teams who will play, as a nonzero number of teams register and pay, but never sign up for an event.

Over the years, we’ve had an incredible amount of pre-rookies who don’t pay, which are charted here, all of which were left in FIRST’s systems untouched it seems from 2006ish onwards. There were some not charted though as their number didn’t indicate a “year grouping”.

Understood. Incorrectly assumed he was referring to ‘event’ registration since we already knew most teams were already registered for the ‘season’. Great example of danger of assumptions:D Mi culpa…

If you’re having reg problems I feel bad for you son, we’ve got 99 districts and Cali still ain’t one :frowning:

Does anyone know when we will see the first updated list of where teams registered?

Not for at least one week…

Oh, gotcha. Thank you

Last year, teams found out what their first round event was ~ 1 day after the preference system closed.

I don’t remember when that was reflected in online event lists.


Also if you keep an eye on an FRC event page on the main FIRST website, once the 1st event preference window closes and FIRST accepts the teams to those events, the list of competing teams for each event should automatically generate. From those lists you can also work backwards to see where teams picked for their 1st event preference.

Just adding this note about Registration from the FRC Blog:

By 1 PM ET on Thursday, we had 619 teams submit their preferences. This is a great start. And while there is no advantage to entering your preferences early, you absolutely want to make sure you enter them by the preferencing deadline of Noon ET, Thursday, September 27. If you don’t enter your preferences by the deadline, you are guaranteed to be at the end of a very long line of teams trying to get the events they want. That won’t lead to any cheese rolling on your part, celebratory or otherwise, believe me.

Want to know more about event preferencing? See the user guide here and the FAQ here. One key point: You don’t need to pay for your season registration to enter your event preferences! Payment isn’t due until November 19!

3,361 teams to be Event Ready by Noon Thursday
619 teams submitted their preferences By 1 PM ET on Thursday

Hey Mark, any number updates leading up to the close of the first round??

We don’t really have the visibility that Frank does into the Preference system.

There are 386 potential new teams with temporary 2019 numbers
Last year there were 304 at this time, so that’s a 27% increase over last season.

Past experiences says they won’t all work out. Some may be duplicate entries as new teams pressed the Create Team button too many times (one local rookie registered as four teams a couple of years ago-only one became their real team).

There are 25 fully registered new teams, which I think just means they may have already paid their initial registration fee ahead of the deadline.
I’ll ask one of them.
New teams will also get permanent numbers when they get assigned to an event even before they pay.

Real numbers will start after 1st Event Preferences closes and teams begin showing up on event registration lists.
Event lists will get populated sometime between noon today and noon tomorrow.
Noon tomorrow opens direct registration for 1st events.

The list of countries with potential new teams pre-registered are:

New Zealand
Saint Kitts & Nevis
South Africa
United States


Quick question, when is initial registration due?

Wow! There is now the possibilty of doing outreach and helping new teams in Middle Earth…

To add on to this, of those who are confirmed paid for 2019, there’s one team from Colombia (7403), one Chinese team (7405), and one Mexican team (7421). This is more than two full months away from the registration deadline, so we’ll see who newly registers.

I’m excited.

My favorite thread of the year is back! Thank you Mark for sharing all this data <3

What are the chances we get round 1 assignments tomorrow? Does anyone remember how long we had to wait last year after the end of the initial registration period?