Registration 2020

Sorry this is late starting up this season.

This is a thread focused on registration counts and comparisons to the pace of prior year registration progress.
Here is last season’s thread: # Registration 2019

  • 3443 teams as of this morning registered for an event

  • 8000 first assigned rookie rookie number for 2020, although that team still hasn’t completed signing up for an event yet (pesky YPP wait period).

Team 8002 - The Knack from Lake Country School in Hartland, Wisconsin is the first rookie rookie to fully complete registration.

  • 66 Regional events

  • 105 District qualifiers

  • 11 District Championships

  • 2 World Championships

Registration is out of the gate ahead of last season. Here’s a comparison graph:

All Events –
Although, some events are still missing from this official list, e.g., several District championships.


Will we have 4000 teams registered in 2020?

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Early projections have us ending right at the 4000 team mark.

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Still curious about how many teams registered?

If i may ask (2017/2018 was the time period i was least involved in FIRST), what happened between 2017 and 2018 to cause such a change in teams registered as well as the change in the graph shape?

I think it was the event preferencing system changing, it encouraged more teams to sign up early.


It was the switch from “first come, first in” to the lottery. So 2017 and later have nothing for the first week where as before teams started registering instantly. There is also some years where regional and districts had different dates in there causing steps.

I am a little surprised there are still reserve spots being held by some events.

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Any updates?

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