Registration and Inspection Process

On the day of the event, does anyone know how the process works regarding registration and inspection?

If we begin uncrating at 7:45 am, how much time do we have to uncrate and make any last minute changes? Do we wait untill after all changes are complete before we have to register for inspections?

If the practice shedule is posted that morning, I assume that we have to be registered and inspected prior to practicing, even if our practice slot is at 9:30 am? :confused:

Basically you uncrate and when your ready you ask for an inspector to come over to your pit and inspect your bot. In that time you can also have the bot weighed and sized. I can’t remember but i think you can play in a practice round b4 being inspected but don’t quote me haha…

The agenda for your event can be found here:

I thought I read that you will need to pass a preliminary safety inspection before practice matches, but I can’t find it now. At the very least you will be required to have bumpers on your robot per Team Update 11 and if your robot is deemed unsafe you will not be allowed to participate until it is.

You do not need to complete the full inspection to compete in practice matches.

Depending on the magnitude of your changes it may be a good idea to start the inspection process before/while making the changes and it may not. If you make changes after your are inspected you will need to have your robot re-weighed and point out the changes to an inspector so they can verify that no rules were violated by the changes.

If you have any questions at the event about the inspection process I recommend you talk to your Lead Inspector, if you can’t find them, most veteran teams should be able to assist you as well.

At 7:45 am you are only allowed to remove your robot from the crate - so the crate can be hauled away, if you desire. (Some teams integrate tool chests, storage and work benches into their crates).

You should do registration as soon as possible after your team’s arrival. Your robot does not need to be complete. You get your practice schedule, drivers’ badges, safety tokens and other information in the packet. Make sure you have signed “hold-harmless” release forms for EVERYONE and team roster completed when you go to register.

You can spend the entire competition working on your robot - hopefully you don’t find your team in that position. You must get your robot inspected on Thursday (or else you won’t be able to compete until you’ve passed inspection).

You can practice on Thursday before you’ve completed inspection. However, a quick safety inspection will be required to make sure that you won’t injure anybody or damage the field while practicing. Once you complete inspection, you can get into a “fast lane” for practice matches, which will allow your team to fill-in for “no-show” robots on Thursday.

Visit the inspectors early on Thursday - get a baseline weight and make sure your robot fits in the sizing box. Inspectors can help you get your robot in compliance (and completed) in a far less painful fashion than if you wait until late in the day. I’ve seen teams struggle on late Thurs and early Friday because they were too heavy or just a little big in dimension. Inspectors are generally very familiar with robot design/fabrication and also know of resources on other teams that can be very helpful in a crunch.

That is so important. I have seen teams find out they were several pounds overweight as the pits are closing on Thursday - that is really painful.

You can check weight anytime. If you find yourself thinking about a lot of modifications, please check with your lead inspector. They will be able to help, find you other teams to help and to suggest ways to make modifictions that can speed your progress and get you closer to a complete inspection.
We can inspect your robot as you shipped it and then reinspect your changes as well. We will check through the pits and look for safety issues, as will any and all volunteers, safety captains, and other team mentors. Remember your safety glasses, and wear them in the pit and on the field.