registration cost for award winners

Well our team won our regional’s engineering inspiration award and we are trying to figure out if we have to pay for registration or not and is it true we’d have to give an answer by tuesday since we won yesterday?

You have to pay to play at Championships, and FIRST wants a decision right away as to whether you’ll be taking the berth you earned by winning the award.

You’ll get $3,000 from NASA to help with Championship expenses.
Thank you again NASA.

thanks for quick response. this will help with the discussion we’re having. Who would we contact about the funding from Nasa?

I believe that Nasa automatically gives FIRST $3000 for each team that wins EI and accepts the seat. I would call FIRST to get a definate answer.

I trust you guys, but if there is some article about this it’d help my team believe me about this and give us a better shot at actually going.

Not too sure if there is an article anywhere about it, but just pull up any archived video of the Kick-off and skip to Dave. He makes the announcement that any team winning the EI award will get a $3,000 Grant from NASA to help pay for their Championship Registration Fee. He wouldn’t say this on Live TV if NASA wouldn’t really be doing this. Like others have said, best thing to do is to email [email protected] to get a clarification on how it will work out.

alright thanks, just really hoping to get our team to go. We’re just figuring out how much we’ll need so we can ask for assistance from our sponsors

It’s at about the 52 minute mark.

Here’s the info. about the Tuesday deadline from:

Championship (CMP) Qualification and Registration Process:

Registration process:

  1. New this year! If your team qualifies at a Competition Event to attend the CMP, you will automatically be moved to the CMP Waitlist the Monday following your competition.
  2. On or before Tuesday @ 5 PM ET following your event, call FIRST Finance to make payment arrangements 1-800-871-8326 ext. 450 or ext. 415. Payment arrangements can be made by Check, Credit Card, Purchase Order from school or Commitment Letter from Corporate sponsor. One of these forms must be received by the Tuesday following the qualifying Regional by 5pm ET. Commitment Letters and Purchase Orders must be paid to FIRST by check or credit card prior to Friday, April 15, 2011.
  3. IMPORTANT - If you do not register by the Tuesday deadline, your team will be removed from the Waitlist and ineligible to register for the CMP (i.e., your spot will not be held past the Tuesday deadline!).

Bill’s blog from today has a little information. Hope it’s not too late.

This year NASA is offering teams that win the Engineering Inspiration Award at 2011 Regional (and state CMP) events held in the USA up to $3,000 towards the registration fee for the 2011Championship. Contact your Regional Director for more details.