Registration deadlines and payment??????

:confused: Being as we are a new team that has never went through the regsitration processā€¦ can you tell me if we have to have all of the money for the kit/regional on hand ready to pay when we sign up initially for our regional?

Does the money have to be paid then, or later as in half now half later?

Thanks for any and all help!


Be sure to have finished your pre-registration requirements before Oct. 1, if only to speed along the rest of the process.

FIRST has a Calendar of Important Deadlines on their website:

Thatā€™ll help you to remember when the fees are due for your first event and any subsequent events that you might participate.

You donā€™t have to pay when you register for an event, but your spot at the event will not be assured until you have paid. Put another way, if a regional has capacity for 40 teams and youā€™re the first to sign up, but the 41st to pay, you wonā€™t have a spot. This rarely happens, though, and as a rookie team your regional director ought to be looking out for you and making sure you have space to compete in your home event.

Thanks Madison your help is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: