Registration for 5th Annual Sweet Repeat is open!

Information flyer and registration form can be found at
then click on ‘events’

We still have openings for the 5th annual “Fabulous All-Girls’ Tournament”
and for the “You Think You Can Do It Better??? All Engineers’ Tournament”

The new, 4th generation click wheel 20GB iPod will be raffled at the Sweet Repeat. Tickets are $2 each, or 3 tickets for $5.


Team 5 will be there!! :smiley:

I’m not really sure hwere to put this, but though my team is not attending, are there any other Indiana teams that are and is it legal/possible for me to pay to go up with them to attend the event? If I’m totally putting this in the wrong place, tell me…

The TechnoKats (Team #45) will also not be competing. :frowning: To make a long story short, the sponsoring school will not permit students to make an out-of-state trip without an “official” request being made more than a month in advance (having the date moved up by two weeks contributed to the problem).

Some team mentors will definitely show up, and nobody can object to team members traveling to watch with their parents, but the school policy won’t let us attend as a team.

I am one of the students from 45 that will probably be going to FSR. I was just wanting to know info about volunteers. (required paperwork etc.) Any help would be great…Thanks


We’ve run into that problem before, too. For the last two years, Oakland Schools wouldn’t let Team RUSH go to IRI, so we went as “Friends of Team RUSH”.

“Friends of the TechnoKats”? Just a thought.