Registration for Rookie-All-star Award?

I know that some awards like the Chairman’s or Woodie Flowers are only with registration in… but is the Rookie-All Star is one of them or is it “automatic”? where can i find more info about this award and its terms?

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There is no special registration or submission for Rookie All-Star.

If you are a NASA rookie team, you have to create a Chairmans presentation and document - you’ll have to look for the details in the NASA application and acceptance documentation.

Its good to write up a chairman’s style essay for the Rookie All Star that you can give out to judges, bring plenty of copies. I believe you can submit it on but I dont think the judges look at it (although dont quote me on that). They will look at it if you hand it to them.

Like said before, just write a chairman’s type document and bring it printed with you to the competition. Then when the judges come around and start asking questions give it them and stress that your a rookie team and your applying for the rookie-all-star. That would be it. Good luck!

If a rookie team wishes to be considered for for the Rookie All-Star Award, the team should formally submit a Chairman’s Award application. Quoting from the FIRST Chairman’s Award documentation:

First-Year (Rookie) and NASA Grant Teams:
Because the Chairman’s Award recognizes sustained excellence and impact, not just a oneyear team effort, it is not possible for a first-year (rookie) team to receive this honor. However, FIRST invites and encourage rookies to develop a Chairman’s Award submission which may be evaluated by the judges determining the winner of the Rookie All-Star Award. This submission will document where your team started its FIRST journey and will also provide background for documenting the results of your team’s efforts – it will be a great way to start your team’s efforts to win the Chairman’s Award.

and if we come just as rookies, with no papers or stuff for the judges or registrations… do we still have the chance to win the award? are all those stuff you said are must?

If you don’t have anything, you still have a chance. Having the paper and other things is not required. However, having them is highly recommended. It’s a lot easier to impress somebody if you have lots of clean, professional-looking materials than if you have none at all.

As a note, you do not have to register for any awards other than Chairman’s, Woodie Flowers Finalist, the Autodesk awards, and the Website awards.

Rick, submission isn’t required unless you’re a NASA grant team, IIRC. Kim and Gary are correct.

But you forgot to include the next paragraph.
Judges will not see your submission unless it is handed to them in the pits.

No formal presentation needed for rookie teams. Rookie teams do not get formally interviewed by Chairman’s judges. The only interviews take place in the pits.

If your students can explain in 3-4 minutes to the judges who visit your pit why your team should be considered for this award, then no papers or stuff are necessary. But a written reminder (otherwise known as a handout) is usually a good thing.

Not required, but recommended. Hence my “should” rather than “must.”

That’s correct. I assume that once pointed to the documentation, a Rookie All-Star team will read it.