registration has crashed

Is anyone else having problems registering this morning. I talked to FIRST and was told their server was down. I have been trying since 9:00.

I’ve been trying since before 9.

When I manage to get into the TIMS, registration for an event isn’t even an option yet, and I’ve filled out all the required information.

I. have. class. They need to fix this.

due to everyone trying to register at the same time

the server and database at usfirst has gone kablewwiee

this sucks

It figures, The server is probably not strong enough to handle all the requests at once. It will probably be up a little later in the day.

Has anyone been able to register with FIRST? If you have I would like to know how you did it. I am still trying with no success as of yet.

I’m working on it. I got in at least but when I try to update I get one of several messages that all indicate the server is probably being swamped.

Ditto here. We’ve been trying since 9:00:01 EDT, and no luck either. So much for using the pre-registration to make sure that things go smooth, eh?:confused:

Team #5, the Robocards

I wonder how much of this is because people did not enter all the information before registration opened? I had all of mine in except for the events and one other little piece that I did not have until today.

I talked to Thelma at FIRST and she said the registration site may not be up and running today. Suggested trying later tonight or tommorrow. I am bummed out. It does not make a lot of sense to sit here all day and try to register when FIRST does not think the site will be operative today.

It’s working. :slight_smile:

It took some time (almost an hour) but I got it taken care of. I suspect that the system will get better as the day goes on and teams get in and out.

BTW teams CANNOT yet sign up for the Championship. Apparently they are not takign sign ins for any event whose dates as TBD and the dates are not set for the Championship. So you can get in and sign up for one regional today.

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**Ditto here. We’ve been trying since 9:00:01 EDT, and no luck either. So much for using the pre-registration to make sure that things go smooth, eh?:confused:

Team #5, the Robocards **

DAVE!! YOU DA’ MAN!! Team 5 is registered for the GLR!! W00T!

Now the next choice…:smiley:

(ps like the exact timeing…:rolleyes: )

It took me an hour to register and I was using a T1 line.

I did get registered and would you believe there were 47 openings at EMU-MI Great lakes. I took the 47th opening, is this an omen or what.

I see 47 signs all day long.

So much for being a 12 minute walk from FIRST Place…we use the same registration method as everyone else. In the time it took me to register, I could have walked there, typed out all the information, paid my money, stopped and had a full lunch and walked back to school.

Yeah it took our teacher an hour over a T1 connection.

earlier it took me 3 minutes and 36 seconds on an ISDN (darn free period computers)

Well somehow 392 teams managed to sign up yesterday. There are apparently slots for 644 more teams to sign up to regionals. That means a total possible teams at one regional each of 1036. I don’t really expect there to be that many teams even though the team numbers appear to go up that high. None the less, I doubt too many teams will be able to go to more than 2 regionals this year and still accomidate all the teams. Looks like a good thing FIRST when to this system for adding events.

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**Is anyone else having problems registering this morning. I talked to FIRST and was told their server was down. I have been trying since 9:00. **
Things should be working now.

I talked to Eric at the FIRST office at length about it, and here’s what happened:

The problem stemmed from their particular license arrangement for FMPro, the database manager they’re using. Currently, they have a “Limited Number Of Simultaneous Users” license, which is NORMALLY fine.

They knew that this wouldn’t work for Registration time. So, to insure that FMPro would not be overrun with requests, they had already set up their proxy server to limit the number of requests fed to FMPro at one time.

That SHOULD have worked. They set the proxy server to only allow one tenth of the normal maximum users through at a time into the database. As the database can process a lot of requests per unit time, that should have been good enough.

However, when yesterday’s crunch came, we all literally started pounding the proxy server with hundreds of requests per second! :eek:

Each request takes a short time to process. As a result, even though the front end limited the deluge and this should NOT have happened, more requests somehow still ended up being processed within FMPro simultaneously than was allowed. FMPro then responded by issuing “User Limit Exceeded” error messages.

This surprised FIRST as much as it did us! That should not have happened!

Of course what do we all do? Human behavior being as it is, instead of patiently waiting for licenses to become available (yea RIGHT… and risk not getting our desired Regional… :slight_smile: ), we naturally pounded on our “Page Reload” keys over and over, and hit it again… and again… and AGAIN…

The request queue went UP, not down. When we wouldn’t let up, it crashed.

Did we get the hint? Nope! We all happily hung around waiting, merrily bashing our “Reload” keys at it. As soon as FMPro came up again, a huge pulse of requests were already hovering on the net just waiting for the chance to “beat it into submission” again. :slight_smile:

They “solved” it in two ways: First, they told everyone that it is “temporarily down” simply to make some of us back off for a few minutes so they could regroup without us hovering around to beat it down again! Next as a temporary fix, they throttled the proxy server way WAY back to slow the flood that was pounding on FMPro… THAT worked!

You should now be able to get through. The rush is over. However, even if there is another rush, the changes they made yesterday should at worst cause you to experience a few second delay “waiting for a response” from being queued by the proxy server instead of running into license problems or crashes with FMPro. This should work for now.

FIRST is aware of the problem. To prevent it in the future, they’re considering one of several moves, including: 1) Negotiating with the software company this year to see about changing their license arrangement for FMPro to “unlimited”. However, that’s an expensive solution for a one-day-a-year problem. 2) They may also simply redesign the entire registration procedure to eliminate the crunch entirely.

What they’ll finally do is TBD. It’ll take time to change the system, and will take some meetings within the FIRST office, so please give them some time to work on it before bashing them about it. Their ears are quite sore today as it is… :slight_smile:

My suggestion is for everyone to make a note to ask FIRST at the end of year feedback meeting what they’ve done about it. I’m sure they’ll have a better plan formulated by then.

Now that the crunch is over, it should be up and working again.

BTW… As a side note, I’ve been informed that we all MAY receive a copy of FMPro with this year’s kit, so we may all have our own databases as well as office management tools! :slight_smile:

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