Registration Lottery

I don’t know if this was discussed at all before the forums went down because I’m not sure when it happened – but FIRST opened registration for, presumably, the remaining Tier 2 teams over Thanksgiving weekend. We didn’t get an e-mail about it or anything – I just happened to notice that the number of available spots dropped to 15 and I looked in the registration system and learned we’d become eligible.

There are 12 spots left, so if you’re tier 2 and were waiting for your lottery number to come up, now’s a good time to have your main contact check TIMS.

So, registration is closed and there are still 11 “open” spots for CMP.

Did teams “miss the boat?”

Or was there really not enough demand to fill all the open slots?

It also looks like 971 is the number of teams this year after the payment deadline (presuming FIRST has dropped teams that did not pay already). We’ll probably see the real number on Monday. Still, that’s bigger than I expected (I figured 900 would be max this year).

does anyone know when tier 1 opens?