REGISTRATION OPEN - Duel on the Delaware 9 - October 16, 2010

Duel on the Delaware 9
October 16, 2010
Salem Community College
Carneys Point, NJ
Hosted by Teams 365 and 316
30 Teams Maximum

Same registration process as last year. Please complete a registration form and return to me via e-mail. Teams paying their registration before **June 30 **will receive a $50 discount.

The Duel Steering Team is working with other fall off-season events to secure a playing field for the event, as the NASA Goddard field will not be available. At this point, we do not see this affecting attending teams.

We will continue our Success Won’t Wait Book Drive tradition. Continue saving those used books!

Hope you can make it! Let’s continue to Breakaway!

Duel 2010 Home Page:
Contact and Registration Page:

REGISTRATION FORM - Duel on the Delaware 2010.doc (27 KB)

REGISTRATION FORM - Duel on the Delaware 2010.doc (27 KB)


Only a few more days left to get a discount on Duel registration! Registration and payment must be sent before June 30 to receive the discount.

Discount is $50 if paid before June 30. A number of teams have already taken advantage of this!


hey I’m from Team Overdrive, #2753, and this year we are a FTC team. We were wondering where the registration form for FTC teams is for the 2010 Duel on the Delaware FTC practice day. I have looked on your site but only seem to find the FRC form. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for the late notice!

You can contact Joe Perrotto at More information about the Duel and the play day can be found in this thread:

We found it! Thanks!