As can be seen here, the deadline for payment for performance/award based eligibility is April 14. Does this mean that the divisions won’t be released at least until after that date?


I would have to say yes. If the deadline is April 14 then the divisions unfortunately can’t be released before then.


But that’s so far away :yikes::eek:.

I guess I’ll just have to resign to my speculation till then ;).

Yeah. If all the teams payed their registration fees early, then they might release them sooner. :rolleyes:

But what are the odds of that??

Umm…slim to none.

gets down on knees, clasps hands, and begs "Please pay…everyone, please pay now so that I don’t have to lose anymore sleep.:smiley:

Sorry to break it to you, but they don’t release the division list until 1 week before the event. Don’t worry man, all you have to do is cryogenically freeze yourself until then so you don’t have to wait! I can refer you to someone if you’d like? It’s how I get through school. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hang on, we are almost there. Only a few short weeks left.

GO 1403!!!

i beg to differ. the weeks are no longer “short”

Like Nuttyman, I too beg to differ. I might take you up on that offer though, lately its been getting harder and harder to concentrate on school. :wink: