Registry Access in delphi

Dear Friends,

I have created a backup utility in delphi… When a select files and click the backup button, the file gets uploaded to the server… Now my requirement is if the user right clicks a file name from windows exporer or desktop, the default pop-up menu of windows should include my option to backup the file… It is very similar to how the winzip adds his option to right click popup menu like Add file to zip, compress and email etc., How can i do that… needed very urgent

thanks in advance
collins :confused:

Sorry, this forum is not for the Delphi programming language, it is for FIRST Robotics. I doubt you will find much help.

  1. This isn’t a Borland Delphi programming forum. It belongs to the Chief Delphi Robotics Team, competitors in the FIRST Robotics Competition
  2. That’s a Windows shell issue; you can create the appropriate keys in the registry using either regedit (at install-time) or Delphi itself at run-time (see Delphi help files for registry editing routines–they’re pretty straightforward); look in HKCR for similar examples
  3. This site seems to be what you want:
  4. If all else fails, try this: