I have asked around my team and nobody knows so I am asking you guys. What is it? Where can you get it or can you make it? Thanks!!!

PS: This is my first thread so go easy on me if somthings wrong

neumerous threads have already been created about this…

home-depot and lowes sell it in 4x8 sheets

yes home depot sells it but it is (i think) $32 per 4’ X 8’ sheet. if you have it near you, we found out that sealed concrete is close enough to the texture if you want to save yourselves a LOT of money.

This is a great thing for a sponsor to donate to you because they dont have to worry about giving money away which is much harder in the buisness world than you would think.

Thanks alot but what would it be called if its at home depot

From Bill’s Blog… second page…

“I’ve had some requests for more information on the field surface. You can purchase 4’x8’ Fiber Reinforced Plastic Sheets, pebble texture on one side available from Home Depot SKU 121-586 or Lowes SKU 8566. If you’re on a tight budget, a clean waxed linoleum tile floor (found in many older school cafeterias) mimics the performance of the field closely enough for practice. What’s important is duplicating the coefficient of friction; 0.05 static and 0.04 dynamic.”


It was also listed in other threads…

Wow thank you very very very much your the man