Regrant, Registration, and Dashboard confusion.....HELP!

Hey y’all! I’m a representative of rookie FRC 8816. We’re facing quite a few issues with our coach’s dashboard and we wanted to see if we could get some help here. Our end goal is to make a regrant ASAP (school team). Okay so here are the big issues:

  • Registration for 21-22, as we competed at events already, is “paid for” under payment history but we still have the $6k amount in our funds and grants (shows 10k due to a 4k TWC grant)

  • All funding is in Funds & Grants, and nothing is in Credits, hence making us unable to request for a regrant

I’m thinking about contacting FIRST as well if CD struggles with solving this as well. If anyone knows anything about this or would like more details please let me know! We want to pull back our funds to use ourselves, and considering that the regrant window will be closing soon we hope to fix this issue fast. Thank you!

If you look under the “Financial Commitments” tab I believe it may say that the TWC Grant is “unpaid”. This is a weird situation in which FIRST in Texas has committed the funds to FIRST HQ but hasn’t actually sent the check, so you aren’t able to regrant that $4k. At least this is the case for our $1k TWC commitment.

You are exactly correct, it says unpaid for us too. What do you suppose we can do about this? Is that why there’s no option that I can see which would allow us to transfer the funds to credits for regrants?

What types of grants are in your account? If you click on “Funds & Grants” are they all listed as “Type: Unrestricted?” Or are they only attributable towards Registration fees? If they’re the latter, you won’t be able to regrant those funds.

We have the $6k NASA rookie grant under Grants & Contributed Funds, so yep we won’t be getting that back (it actually should’ve been pulled for registration but its still here even though it says paid under registration in payment history)

We have the $4k TWC grant under Financial Commitments with it being noted as “Unpaid”

You should be able to regrant TWC once it’s paid. I don’t have any information about when it will be paid, you may need to contact FIRST in Texas.

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Okay. I’ll do that ASAP. Thank you!

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