Regular Xbox Controller...HELP!

I have searched for a good while and all I can find that has the Regular Xbox Controller connecting to the Robotics Controller is trying to convert the interface into analog. When the power is plugged in, followed by the controller, the chicklet goes from red, blinks orange, then red, etc. It does this continually which indicates that the device is not supported, but in the manual for the chicklet, it says that the Xbox controller is supported. I used a adapter cable to convert the end of the Controller to a USB connector. If anyone else has any ideas or has also experienced this problem, please help!!!

If you are using the original X-box controller it is possible that the device is not supported. The original x-box controller has several versions. Not all are versions are supported. It looks like yours is one that is not. My advice is to use an X-box 360 or preferably the Logitech dual action Gamepad.