Regulator Question

Hey Pneumatics forum!

Quick question:

This is my first time designing a pneumatic system, we have the pressure working fairly consistently: limited to 60psi on the working side of the regulator. However, our regulator is venting the excess pressure and not allowing it to build up on the high side of the regulator.

I can’t imagine that this would be the intended function for the regulator considering that the manual mentions the limit of 115psi on the high side. Is there something we may have configured wrong? Thoughts?


the regulator is one directional make sure you’re hooked up to the high side not the regulated side
pic of setup would be helpful

See attached photo:

Left side of the regulator is the incoming from the high pressure side. On the other side of the regulator is a plug. In the center is a tube connected to a gauge reading 60psi (we adjusted the regulator so that this would happen) and on the right side is the low output.

Any thing that may be looking off? How do you tell the direction?



Nevermind, I just found another regulator that was unopened and found the documentation. We had the ingoing and outgoing reversed. Thanks!