Reimaging cRIO w/ Java Technology

We have been trying to reimage our cRIO for the past couple of weeks. We changed the our cRIO about three times. Whenever we have tried reimage we get error 60, so we followed advice on previous forums that tell us ensure that all of our DIP switches our turned off. Now we are getting the error that our cRIO is unreachable and to ensure that our network adapters are on the same subnet.

What should we do?

Help is greatly appreciated.

Make sure you set your IP to DHCP or 192.168.0.xx
and you image using the cRIO imaging tool, which is Labview, not java

Thank you for the response.
I know that we use the cRIO imaging tool and I know that it is Labview, i was just specifying the development environment that we are using. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

I have had problems reformatting the cRIO so many times… The thing I forget about the most is that for some laptops (ours), connecting directly to the cRIO doesn’t work. We have to connect the laptop to a router and the cRIO to the same router (all using ethernet cable, of course).

(I spent most of a meeting last Monday failing to reformat a cRIO, connecting to it directly, hopefully I’ll get it reformatted next Monday)

No problem, it happens :slight_smile:

Try using a crossfire instead of an ethernet cable. Crossfire cables, as I was told, was meant for two brains to communicate (computer and cRIO)

Do you mean a crossover cable? A crossover cable is used to connect two devices directly together, without needing a modem.

We use to have the same issues while using regular Ethernet cables. Eventually I got upset at the CRIO and bought a crossover cable myself. We don’t have anymore problems =D

Yes sorry your right, the name I gave was for bridging ATI Graphics cards XD
Crossover is what I meant