Reimaging the cRio Issues there are no cRio devices on the subnet

Ok so here is a problem that is new to me.

Im helping another team program their robot and we go to deploy the code. it builds it deploys, but then nothing happens. I check all the connections, run through the code to make sure things are correct, notice that the voltage is at 00.00V on the DS( they dont have a jumper on slot 1), how ever on our robot we were able to run just fine like that.

Any way I go to re image it and make sure that the run at startup is checked. while I’m doing that it errors out that it cannot find any cRio device. I recheck several times eventually directly connecting the robot to the laptop and assigning a static IP to the laptop. When I rebooted the robot it would connect and start to deploy the new image but then would error out and say that there are no cRio devices on the subnet. I click ok then it goes back to not being able to find any cRios Can any one suggest what might be going wrong here?

Ive recheck the Ip address ( laptop and the Crio

I have checked that on the laptop only the wired connection is on.

edit 2
ok after reading more threads I think it might be an issue with the ethernet cable( Im not sure if were were useing the crossover cable or not)

The easiest way to do this is to connect the laptop to the DS and the cRio to the other port on the DS. Make sure you are using port #1 on the cRio. That should do it if the details you listed above are correct.

Edit 3: It worked after turning off the firewall on the PC…