Reimaging the cRio

Hey Guys,

My team is trying to re-image our cRio for our practice board. For some reason I get a communication error for the IP when trying to reconfigure. I follow all the instructions on the website on how to re-image the cRio but with no luck. Also, I tried via wire and wireless to reconfigure. Any options?

There’s lots of tips on imaging. If you search you will probably find more posts than you need. I’ll just throw out those that pop into my head right now.

  1. Always use hard-wired for imaging. Connect with a crossover cable directly from a pc to the cRio or through a hub that auto-senses with any kind of wires. Verify you have link lights on the network adapters once you plug in the cable.
  2. Turn off all other adapters in the computer you are using. Usually the other adapter is the wireless one. So turn off wireless, use a cable.
  3. Set the pc’s ip address address manually to 10.x.y.6 where x.y is your team number as per instructions.
  4. Make sure you are running the latest imaging tool. We use the same laptops every year and the old software was still on there and getting run accidentally from a shortcut on the desktop.
  5. Make sure the cRio has good power. Measure its power with a meter if you have one.

Hope this helps!