Relationship building

My team went to iri this past weekend, the main reason we wanted to go was to build relationships. When at the competion i felt that no teams really tried to even talk to us, a few teams where very helpful to us when we had problems. But for the most part when we would try to talk with somone we where ignored, This kind of struck me as wierd. I know that we are from a very diffrent region and that not that many teams know us in the north but we where there to make friends and we made a few but in the long run I felt kind of like the black sheep team.

Any ways we had a blast and are going to try to come back next year. Thank you for having us. See you at nationals.

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FIRST teams always welcomes you to be introduced to them. I am assuming that the teams you went to were probably working at that point, strategiging, talking to alliance partners for the next match. At a FIRST competition (Specially at a competition which can be count as the 3rd largest regional) a lot of things take place. I can tell you that most of the teams/students/mentors I talk to are online. When I meet them in person, if me or the person get a chance, we talk. I personally don’t think that they were ignoring you.

I understand where you are coming from. Here is what we did before we went to IRI so that we had fun while we were at IRI.

  1. Made friends - some over a year or two ago.
  2. Made plans before we even got there.
  3. Just go and talk to people when they are free - Most people in FIRST are very very friendly. See if you can hang out with them after the competition and stuff
  4. This is very important - as a team have fun yourself and people will join.

Other than that all I can say is sorry for the way you felt. We too are a team not anywhere near the mid-west but still had fun.

I’m really sorry this happened. I know while I was there I didn’t come to your team and say ‘hi’. The biggest reason was that I was so busy for the vast majority of the event. That being said, I DEFINITELY admired your team throughout the event - your team appeared to have a lot of spirit and a great bunch of people.

I guess the majority of the teams that attend the IRI are a fairly close-knit group of teams that have a lot of history together and there are a lot of friendships within the teams. It can be hard to break into any group like this. it’s like being the new kid at a new school - all of the friendships have already been formed so you have to somehow break into the group that’s already formed, and that’s not always easy. It’s not that the people in this area are not friendly. I think it’s more that the people got busy catching up on old times and then the time ran out before they had time to branch out. I think I’ll make a better effort next year to try and welcome the new teams a little better.

I really hope your experience doesn’t sour you on the IRI in the future. I remember that team 25 had a similar experience a couple of years ago. I’m glad that they came back this year - it seems that they had a good time this time around.

I really hope to see you guys back next year. Your robot was great, your team appeared to work very well together, and you guys had a lot of spirit. Heck, one of your guys was the high bid on the signed DSK shirt in the silent auction - I HAVE TO love you guys for that. Please come back and we’ll be sure to show you a better time.

Thank you for all your kind words. If the chance is there we will definitly come back to IRI next year and hopefully we will be able to come with more than just the skeleton crew, unfortinitly we had to leave 1/3rd of the team back home. And a good bid of tools and some of our spirit stuff like the famous noodles that we had in ATL that made so much noice (they where heard on the Newton field). Thank you again and see you in ATL and hopefully IRI…or maybe even Lonestar :wink: .