Relay for Life (Anyone interested?)

Hello FIRSTers!!

April 13th 2012 we are having Relay for Life at East Lake High School and Krunch (79) is wanting to form a Relay team, would anyone from other teams want to come down and support the cure for Cancer? If so please contact me immediately!! Relay for Life: Please I would like to encourage everyone to come down and help Team 79 raise money for the cure. I would want everyone involved, we get to spend the night at East Lake’s football field and we will make a difference! Please FIRSTer’s help us find the cure. I am wanting a lot of people to walk around the track with Team 79.

Not only can we build robots but we can also build the cure together and with everyone’s help. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

my email is if you are interested in joining our relay team.

Our Relay for Life event!!

Please join and donate!!! We are saving lives~!

Been there – done that – lost my hair!:ahh:! (Two years running, now!) I’d point to my webpage but it’s now history.*

And here is a picture at the event of the teacher and chief robo-mentor of our team (walking with his family, and with a friend of the team) that did the dirty deed, whose hair isn’t usually as long as it is shown in that photo. :smiley:

It was pretty cool, as the event was held at our high school track, right next to the building with our robot rooms. I really wanted to bring out our robots to drive, but the logistics and the no-wheeled vehicles on the field track rule (plus that it was raining overnight) made it a no-go.

And the hair is growing…

  • Gosh, they are quick with their website; they just shut down the end of August.

:slight_smile: Thats great you are involved. Thank you for supporting relay to keep people Cancer-free!!

SparX had a relay for life team last year! it worked out great, it was so great to help a good cause.

team members had a lot of fun hanging out too. we brought our banners, numbers, and flags, and of course we were in our team shirts. many times throughout the night we got asked “What’s 1126?” which was great publicity for FIRST!

Correction: June of this year. But it was a success! We were even asked to hold a demo at a kid’s day and the company donated some money. Definitely something we’d like to do again!

If I can find time I might be able to head down to Tampa for the event :slight_smile:

I just have to A Remember it or B Not be busy those days :stuck_out_tongue:

Its always fun to hang out with Krunch!

  • Andrew

It’s April 13th 2012. I hope you can make it!! The more the merrier!! Also you are welcome to join our Relay for Life team! Lets make a difference! Lets go FIRST!!!