Relay Issues

My team has been trying to get our compressor running for hours today but to no avail.

I’ve tried the compressor example in lab view and that didn’t work. So now I have written a compressor code without using any compressor vi’s.

The code reads in the digital input from the pressure switch and when it is not activated it sends out a constant of 2 to drive the relay in a forward direction (I don’t know if that matters or not, I tried a 1 as well). When I run the code the value going into the relay is 2 but no light shows up on the digital side car. I have tried multiple side cars and multiple ribbon cables and nothing is working. The rest of the pwm’s work but the relays will not.

Also this code is set in the 10ms look in the periodic tasks vi.

Thank you in advance,

Team 2073

So I tried just the compressor with cylinder example by itself and it worked. As soon as I put it in the code it didnt. The indicators said it was enabled and running but it wasnt.

So its not hardware. Where should I place this compressor example? Maybe thats what I’m doing wrong.

Ok I just put a relay in the teleop code just to see if any sort of relay would work and it doesn’t.

So my relays arn’t working in the basic code.

Do these examples help any?


I worked with Stealth for hours today on this. It is quite frustrating!
We will take a look at these examples tomorrow. Honestly, only the first one should apply.
Here’s the deal. We were able to get the “Compressor with Solenoid” example to work just fine, so we know it is not a hardware issue. When we copied and pasted the code into our full project in the 100ms timed loop, it would not work. We even had both the “Compressor Enabled” and “Compressor Status” indicators green on the front panel, but no LED’s light up on the DSC, so the relay never energized.
We have tried building our own compressor vi’s but that didn’t work either.