Relay outputs on rc

Relay outputs 6,7,8 are not working on the robot controller. Does any one know what could be wrong? I have moved the output to other relay out and they work fine just them pin numbers.

it could be the programming

But the relays work when I program them to a different pin output. relay8=1 don’t work, relay4=1 does work

Relay 8 is turned on in the forward mode (and off in the reverse), fairly well on in the default program. (It is used for the rotating beacon, which is always on.)

Perhaps you have a statement that tries to turn it on, but later in the loop it runs into the default code for setting the beacon, and you instructions are lost. Similarly, the code about the switches controlling the relays is way down, and maybe you have overlooked it.

Perhaps the pins sticking up from the circuit board are unstuck. If so, IFI should be phoned. They are very good in such emergencies. I’m assuming you haven’t checked (or have no one who can check) the pins’ connections or you’d have mentioned it in your post.

Is it just 6,7,8 or is 5 not working too? If 5 doesn’t work, I’d check your SEROUT to make sure relayB is in the correct place as all four of the above relays get their information from this same byte.

If 5 is working, try setting relayX_fwd=1 immediately before the SEROUT to make sure none of the possibilities Lloyd mentioned are occuring.