Relay's for lights

What do team’s use for basic relays?
Looking to just control on and off power to LED’s.

The ones on first choice are a decent option. A little bulky for just LEDs though.

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You might want to look at MOSFETs from pololu. These are tiny and lightweight and often can be controlled by a DIO or PWM type signal from the Rio’s DIO ports.

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Rev PDH relay

  • 1 Switchable low-current channel
    • On/off control useful for LEDs and other indicators

A PCM or RPH can be used to control low power LEDs, per R504. If you are using pneumatics, have extra channels on your PCM/RPH, and are using relatively low power 24v LEDs (or 12v if you’re using 12v solenoids) it’s cheap and easy.
If all you have is 12v LEDs and 24v solenoids, you could wire 2 LEDs in series.
The PCM is limited to 500mA total for all “solenoid” outputs, the RPH is 200mA per output.

Small relays like this:
[Arduino Compatible 5V Relay Module - RobotShop]
can be easily interfaced to the RoboRio digital outputs.

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