Releasing Team Paradise's Vision Server

Our Vision Server is complete for the most part. The code is available at GitHub. It is quite simple to use.
To use it:

git clone
cd FRC-Eye-2015
mkdir build
cmake .. (or frcmake .. if using OpenCV with the RoboRIO)
make -j {hardware concurrency * 2}

The program will launch and open the nearest camera (0).

For more documentation, please visit

I should have most bugs patched by next week. Hopefully this server is useful to everyone!

It is still a work-in-progress. Here’s a list of things still to be added:
[important] Store configuration values
[important] Add and delete detectors using the sockets server
[important] Add features to the server
[important] Make camera configurable and easier to use
[important] Release Java and C++ clients

[moderate] Fix DevLibWebserver bugs which cause random disconected sockets
[moderate] Test settings from web browser

[optional] Better web interface (maybe downloadable)
[optional] Image processing in web browser for faster configuration

Note that you will need OpenCV installed. If you get some build errors with the apt-get packages, delete DevLib/opencv and re-run cmake. Retry the compile. PictureMatcher requires non-standard features in OpenCV!

I was wondering what you’ve been up to this season. I haven’t heard from you. Good job, and best of luck