Releasing the Titanium Tigers new scouting app, TigerScout!

Introducing TigerScout

My name is Andrew, and I’m on Team 4829, the Titanium Tigers. Last year, I made our team a scouting app that integrated cloud storage to try and prevent the hassle that comes with other methods like QR codes and exported files. It had a few issues, but overall was a massive help to our team and the teams we shared data with.

After several months of work rewriting it with major improvements for the new Charged Up season, Team 4829 is proud to announce that TigerScout is now open source and free on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store!

The usage guide and code are available on Github, and the app can be downloaded through the following links on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


TigerScout is designed to make match scouting and sharing extremely easy. It includes

  • Near instant data sharing through per-team Firebase buckets
  • Local and cloud data caching so it can still work on shaky or unreliable connections
  • A clean and intuitive scouting and data interface
  • Automatic team rankings by different statistics
  • Per-team performance charts for different statistics
  • Easy bucket connection using QR codes (with a text option for members with broken cameras)

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Once again, the full tutorial on how to set up a bucket and use the app are available on the Github page.

Questions, feedback, and suggestions are welcome, and I hope that TigerScout can help your team as much as it has helped us.


this has been incredible, fairly easy to set up and has so much data available, definitely using in our next competition, thanks a ton for your work


Good Job! This looks amazing!
Will you update this for the next year, and if so how soon can we expect it?
We are developing a website, but yours has a lot better data functionality, so we might just use yours instead.

Thanks for putting your code base in Github. I have been using your application to learn a little bit about ReactNative and adding features. Not sure we will use a ReactNative app next year but I am learning a lot.